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Quindin's Avatar Quindin 06:38 PM 12-03-2004
Welcome and...

WOW!!!!!!!!!! : : : : :

You should write more about yourself - there are so many things other moms could learn from you!! It is just amazing!!
We are expecting #4 ourselves.

phathui5's Avatar phathui5 09:25 PM 12-03-2004
My question: Are you nursing? I didn't get my period back until dd was a year old.
greenluv's Avatar greenluv 06:32 AM 12-06-2004
Just wanted to say HI!
IfMamaAintHappy's Avatar IfMamaAintHappy 01:39 PM 12-06-2004
your family is beautiful!!!

I grew up going to school with a family of 17, no twins, and no stepkids! My friends Wendi and Dave have 10 under 13, and my friend Audrey has 10 ranging in age from 22 down to 2.

We have two so far, working on adopting next year and then TTC again after the adoption. I love talking to moms who have large families, as we hope to have a large family as well.

God bless you!
amym72's Avatar amym72 03:31 AM 12-12-2004
Wow, you have a beautiful family!! I'm envious we are planning on TTC soon for #6. I would love to have a REALLY big family but unless we have a couple sets of twins it won't happen. I'm 32 and dh is almost 37. Do you get any grief from family for having such a large family? Everyone tells us 5 is enough and we don't have enough space for more(we have 4 bedrooms too, but are slowly building a 7 bedroom house).
Megs Mom's Avatar Megs Mom 11:37 PM 12-15-2004
We get grief for even *considering* having more than the three we already have.
BCmamaof6's Avatar BCmamaof6 04:51 AM 12-18-2004
We have 5 & are planning more also...
Cheaper by the dozen, right?
sugarplumama's Avatar sugarplumama 01:22 AM 12-20-2004
Hello! I just wanted to say hi and that I look forward to learning a lot from this forum and especially from mothers like yourself. I would love to have a larger family, but all things in due time. Your family is beautiful!!!
djs_girl517's Avatar djs_girl517 01:35 AM 12-20-2004
Wow! 11 kids. That's awesome. You're family is beautiful. Welcome Back & Good Luck with #12.
DebraStorm's Avatar DebraStorm 01:57 AM 12-20-2004
: & welcome back! You have such a gorgeous family! I hope to get to know you like the others. We all could learn so much from you! What an awesome & inspiring family!

Happy Holidays!
lab's Avatar lab 11:24 PM 12-21-2004

Your family is beautiful!

Lucky you!
Christi_Mom11's Avatar Christi_Mom11 02:30 PM 04-09-2005
I was not sure where to post this, but thought here was ok.

I am now 17 weeks pg with #12. Still not sure where to tell anyone. :

christi Look at my photo album. Mom10

Look at my photo album. Mom11

Look at my photo album. Mom12
granolagirl97's Avatar granolagirl97 03:34 PM 04-09-2005
Wow! Amazing! Do you enjoy your pregnancies? I found mine to be... um, challenging. Not terrible, but not WONDERFUL like I'd always dreamed about. So, I have two beautiful girls and that's it. Have you ever heard of the magazine, "Above Rubies"? I'm guessing you have... but if not, you would LOVE it. They are very pro-large family. I looked at a couple of your pictures. Your family lookes lovely. Welcome to the boards.
Itlbokay's Avatar Itlbokay 03:45 PM 04-09-2005
You are so lucky! I couldn't get my DH to agree to having anymore, and we only have two

Good for you, I bet you are one great Mom

Check out the other forums like I'm Pregnant and so forth for posting! Your Mothering Wisdom would be very appreciated anywhere on these boards
sparkprincess's Avatar sparkprincess 04:39 PM 04-09-2005
I the picture of you and your three babies in bed. Sooo precious!

Megs Mom's Avatar Megs Mom 07:47 PM 04-11-2005
Oh, congratulations!!!
mom2mygirls's Avatar mom2mygirls 12:27 AM 04-12-2005
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