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crazyeight's Avatar crazyeight 09:21 PM 04-03-2006
I also was scared of pg. I was 19 Y/O and didn't have a wonderful husband!! Mine was also unexpected so that made it harder. Listen to the mommy within. Make your own choices. Thats THE Biggest thing. For every person out there theres an opinion and you need to make the decision based on what you feel. This entire site is more geared toward natural living, natural births and the difficulties of child rearing. YOU and and only you can decide what your comfortable with, what freaks you out no matter how much info and what works for your family.

I hope that your husband will support and love the family you are about to bring to the world.

BTW take pics of your time of pg is does go by quickly...well they grow quickly too but one step at a time!!

mhenry's Avatar mhenry 10:43 PM 04-03-2006
Trust your instincts and you'll do great.
heather_c's Avatar heather_c 01:20 AM 04-04-2006
Congrats on your pregnancy. These boards are a great resource for gaining knowledge about pregnancy and parenting. I wish I had found them sooner. Welcome!
Emilie's Avatar Emilie 01:28 AM 04-04-2006
congrats on baby and marriage! i got married 3 months pregnant(pg) too!!!! i was so freaked out by being pregnant- big time!!!
for birthing- i love the book birthing from within by pam england
go get yourself dr. sear the baby book too.
you will be fine!!!!
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