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Lambsauce's Avatar Lambsauce 03:56 AM 11-13-2006
Hello, pleasure to meet you all.
My name is Allie, I'm a teenager hailing from Ontario, Canada--not a mother yet, maybe in another eight years once I'm all done with school
You're probably wondering why someone like me decided to sign up on these boards. Well, the fact is, I'm kinda weird. Since I was a kid I've adored reading parenting books, especially pregnancy ones (my favourite book of all time is A Child Is Born), and I absolutely love reading parenting issues from all these different women, with so many different lifestyles, viewpoints, and morals. Yet, you all seem to have a common goal--to raise your children to be the best people they can possibly be, and, faced each day with interacting with so many people who were raised by negligent parents, it's a very refreshing thing, indeed. It's also nice to be able to reassure myself that I am at least somewhat normal, given the fact that my mother believes I am an unholy terror (but that's a whole 'nother ballgame). It also aids somewhat in the daunting task of raising oneself (again, this is not the time nor the place to discuss that, but let it be known that one of the worst things you can do to your child--IMHO--is to completely and totally shut yourself off from her and then constantly badger her about how she can always talk to you about anything).
So I hope y'all won't mind my presence here. I'll admit, I'm a lurker above all (especially on this nature of forum, for obvious reasons), but I may participate when the occasion arises--namely, in the Preteens and Teens forums whenever I read a topic that could perhaps benefit from the opinion of someone who is living through these turbulent years right now. It was actually this thread that led me to create an account--I won't post in it, seeing as how the last post was made in May (while on the subject, might I ask what this forum's policies are on the length of time between posts in a thread?), but... well, you get the idea. I've probably rambled on long enough, so I'll finish off here. Once again, nice to meet you all, and if you'll accept this crazy far-off future mommy, I'll promise to be good.

ETA: Just to clarify, I am not actually unruly. Honest. :P

crazycandigirl's Avatar crazycandigirl 02:44 PM 11-13-2006

I have seen threads dragged out of the grave and come back to life a year or more after the original post. So If a subject really interests you- I'm sure it would be fine to go ahead and post, or to start a new post about the subject.
nonconformnmom's Avatar nonconformnmom 02:54 PM 11-13-2006
Hi and welcome. I love your username!
dziejen's Avatar dziejen 02:59 PM 11-13-2006
It's always nice to have a fresh new point of view! Glad to have you here!
GiggleBirds's Avatar GiggleBirds 03:04 PM 11-13-2006
Welcome! This place would be a great resource for parenting yourself.
JenniferC's Avatar JenniferC 03:39 PM 11-13-2006
Hi Allie! Way to go! I started reading and researching years before I got married or had kids, lots of good stuff here! Hope you find the support you are looking for!
bethy's Avatar bethy 05:02 PM 11-13-2006

starlein26's Avatar starlein26 07:07 PM 11-13-2006
w e l c o m e !
princessoflove's Avatar princessoflove 07:41 PM 11-13-2006

skatterkat's Avatar skatterkat 07:41 PM 11-13-2006
Greetings and welcome to MDC!
Canadianmommax3's Avatar Canadianmommax3 07:44 PM 11-13-2006
damselfly41's Avatar damselfly41 08:21 PM 11-13-2006
Aletheia's Avatar Aletheia 08:22 PM 11-13-2006
Welcome! Parenting is unlike any other undertaking in life, so why not start thinking about it in earnest early?
Drummer's Wife's Avatar Drummer's Wife 08:35 PM 11-13-2006
Hello and welcome to mdc! Glad you found us!
Finding Serenity's Avatar Finding Serenity 09:18 PM 11-13-2006

Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 03:50 AM 11-15-2006
Welcome to MDC!
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 02:11 PM 11-16-2006
Welcome to the boards.
cheekymamaof2's Avatar cheekymamaof2 05:00 PM 11-16-2006
Welcome hun!
super kitty's Avatar super kitty 05:16 PM 11-16-2006
easterdee's Avatar easterdee 02:12 AM 11-17-2006
Hi Allie, nice to meet you, I think you'll find a lot that interests you here!
oneotamama's Avatar oneotamama 09:07 PM 11-17-2006
Steady101's Avatar Steady101 12:40 AM 11-18-2006

phathui5's Avatar phathui5 02:27 AM 11-20-2006

I was a weird teen too
emma_goldman's Avatar emma_goldman 02:31 AM 11-20-2006
Wow, that is so cool that you're interested in parenting! Wish I had been when I was a teen. I just read cookbooks and books about sex! : I'll look for ya' on the discussion boards!
fireshifter's Avatar fireshifter 03:35 AM 11-20-2006
So cool to see ya here on the boards. If I had started back when I was your age thinking about what I wanted to do as a mom, I would have done things very differently. I didn't even start thinking about parenting until I found out I was 10 weeks pregnant!!

Ask lots of questions. There's a ton of wisdom here.!!

Ambrose's Avatar Ambrose 07:39 AM 11-20-2006

majazama's Avatar majazama 07:55 AM 11-20-2006
You're a smart girl to get a head start on parenting this early 'in the game'... Hope you are able to finish school before babies!!! Don't forget your contraceptives!

When I was a teenager, all I was interested in about babies was their names I had my first DD's name picked out at 16 and many more circled. But I always knew I would just follow my instincts and do everything right!

youre lucky to have found MDC!
ashleylesh's Avatar ashleylesh 12:35 AM 11-21-2006
Welcome! You can post on any thread no matter when the last post was. Bring 'em back to life
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Lambsauce's Avatar Lambsauce 01:14 AM 11-29-2006
Thanks so much, everyone! I feel so accepted

Originally Posted by majazama View Post

When I was a teenager, all I was interested in about babies was their names I had my first DD's name picked out at 16 and many more circled.
For a long, long time I've been wanting to name my first dd Azalea Lynne... thinking about names is so much fun!
Bartock's Avatar Bartock 01:20 AM 11-29-2006

Nice to have you here. Alright more Canadian Blood!!!
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