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Mommiska's Avatar Mommiska 09:15 PM 09-01-2007
Just thought I'd pop in to say 'Welcome' to everyone here!

3kidsclmr's Avatar 3kidsclmr 01:03 AM 09-02-2007
My kids love our animals. I have taught them to be gentle with each other, the kids help out with feeding and opening the door to let the dogs in and out. When I brought my first baby home from the hospital, I had two dogs plus FIVE "foster" dogs and four cats. We managed... and I feel that my kids have been enriched by the many animals we've cared for over the years.
amym72's Avatar amym72 04:39 PM 09-05-2007
What diapering forum are you trying to access? You should be able to get into any of them except maybe FSOT?
Blu Razzberri's Avatar Blu Razzberri 05:49 PM 09-05-2007
nugget's mommy's Avatar nugget's mommy 08:58 PM 09-05-2007
I've been a member for over a year. I lurk all the time at work but don't feel comfortable logging in there. My 3 year old nursling is less than thrilled when I get on here at home because that means I am not either 1) playing with him or 2) nursing him. So, I don't get to get on at home too much . I am interested in being able to view the WAHM Well forum. I work out of the home now, but am 7 weeks preggo with #2 and hope to find something from home once s/he arrives. Someone pm'd me and directed me here to up my count. Thanks!
nugget's mommy's Avatar nugget's mommy 09:04 PM 09-05-2007
We have a great dane and a pitt/boxer mix. We used to have ferrets - the last one died 5 years ago. I hope we will have ferrets again someday if we ever have dogs that are less prey driven. DH hates rodents and hopes to steer DS towards ferrets or reptiles if he ever wants his "own" animal someday (we are well aware that we would most likely have to take care of said animal)
nugget's mommy's Avatar nugget's mommy 09:10 PM 09-05-2007
DH is my soulmate. We have been together since our first date - the "senior ball" aka the last dance of our high school career. That was 15 years ago!
pradiata's Avatar pradiata 04:50 PM 09-07-2007

prana's Avatar prana 01:40 PM 02-10-2008
This thread is old. Maybe we should renew it.
HollyBearsMom's Avatar HollyBearsMom 01:49 PM 02-10-2008
Ok so I am a spoil sports but just thought I'd warn yah

prana's Avatar prana 04:04 PM 02-10-2008
Thanks for the warning. I want to get my posts up so that I can run a coop. I guess I'll have to do it the old fashioned way!
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