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punky monkey's Avatar punky monkey 11:44 AM 11-01-2007
Hello I am just joining MDC! I just found out I am expecting my first in July and couldnt be more excited!

todavia's Avatar todavia 11:52 AM 11-01-2007

Welcome! and congrats on your pregnancy
BuggyBee's Avatar BuggyBee 12:20 PM 11-01-2007

josie143's Avatar josie143 12:38 PM 11-01-2007
Welcome to MDC!:
layla17's Avatar layla17 01:13 PM 11-01-2007
Great to meet you... Welcome to MDC!
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 11:22 AM 11-03-2007
Welcome to the boards.
dani76's Avatar dani76 05:19 PM 11-03-2007

veganf's Avatar veganf 05:50 PM 11-03-2007
Welcome to MDC and congratulations on your pregnancy!
BaMo's Avatar BaMo 06:21 PM 11-03-2007
Congrats and welcome!
paquerette's Avatar paquerette 08:25 PM 11-03-2007
Congrats and welcome! Hope you enjoy it here.
Reha's Avatar Reha 08:43 PM 11-03-2007
Welcome, mama!!!
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 02:35 PM 11-04-2007
Welcome Aboard!!!
cpop's Avatar cpop 03:38 PM 11-04-2007
and congrats!
yaM yaM's Avatar yaM yaM 04:18 PM 11-05-2007
dear mama!
Ruthla's Avatar Ruthla 04:33 PM 11-05-2007
Congrats on your pregnancy!
Millie Ivy's Avatar Millie Ivy 06:10 PM 11-05-2007
Congrats and welcome to the boards! Jump on in, the waters fine! :
Mommiska's Avatar Mommiska 07:23 PM 11-05-2007
Welcome to MDC and congrats on your pregnancy! Have you found your Due Date Club yet? Those are always fun.

Please also visit the Case Against Circumcision forum - lots of very important information there for parents to be.
Kidzaplenty's Avatar Kidzaplenty 09:23 PM 11-06-2007
Welcome to MDC!
MamaRainebeau's Avatar MamaRainebeau 02:19 AM 11-20-2007

hipmummy's Avatar hipmummy 02:21 AM 11-20-2007
and I love your screen name
cmerch's Avatar cmerch 02:55 AM 11-20-2007
congrats and welcome
Blu Razzberri's Avatar Blu Razzberri 04:37 PM 11-20-2007


Steady101's Avatar Steady101 11:28 PM 11-20-2007

MoonWillow's Avatar MoonWillow 12:28 AM 11-21-2007
LOVE your screen name!
starlein26's Avatar starlein26 03:37 AM 11-22-2007
w e l c o m e !