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Ali's Avatar Ali 04:20 PM 09-26-2003
{wonders why intros are so hard to write}

Hi, I'm new to your boards. But not to the online alterna community. (Not that anyone would really remember me, I've just been around a few).

Anyway, my family is out of the mainstream on some things. Then on others, much more mainstream, lol.

My stepson lives with us (15) and goes to the local public high school. Our daughter (7) is being homeschooled, relaxed method . The baby, well, he just learns no matter where he is. As do all kids regardless of age. I've been really enjoying our hs days. It is so great to continue to watch your child grow and learn.

I don't feel the need to post a list of how I'm alterna. I do feel like I will fit in here. Even it is just as mainly a lurker. There are a lot of forums here, I don't know if I can keep up or not!

Ummm, what else? We live rurally in Ohio, I'm a WAHM. We enjoy all sorts of outdoor activities. We've been busy expanding our hs network this summer, and Dalton is planning a Halloween party for her new friends

Thanks for reading. I am looking forward to reading the boards. And hopefully I'll have something usefull to contribute back

fyrflymommy's Avatar fyrflymommy 05:40 PM 09-26-2003
Gemini's Avatar Gemini 11:42 PM 09-26-2003

Glad to have you here!

Happy posting!

ChloesMummy's Avatar ChloesMummy 03:06 AM 09-27-2003
HI! And welcome. Glad u are no longer lurking as much. I too am new and a little overwhelmed w/ all the forums, but it is so great to find people like yourself out there. If u are alter or not there is someone to talk to -so welcome!\

Amber-Mommy to Chloe 2 yrs 4 months and DH Robby for 4 great years!
Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 05:17 PM 09-27-2003
Welcome to the boards.
Missgrl's Avatar Missgrl 01:31 AM 09-28-2003
Hi there
So happy to have you here with us! Enjoy yourself with us
WickidaWitch's Avatar WickidaWitch 12:19 PM 09-28-2003
~ Hi Ali ~