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Mama2Kimmy's Avatar Mama2Kimmy 06:28 PM 10-10-2003
Hi all, I used to come on here a few years ago, and now thanks to my friend Odessa I'm baaaack. She convinced me to come back.

Anyways I am a Mother of Kimberly my 3 1/2 year old former breastfeeder, attempted freestanding birth center baby (who was unfortunately ripped from my body instead). Mom to 2 angel babies who were lost due to lack of progesterone. We are TTC #4, but also have hopes of potentially raising a foster child or adopting. My husband David is a truck driver. I run a home day care, as well as being a distributor for Temptations Parties.

Nice to meet y'all!

Aster's Avatar Aster 03:07 AM 10-11-2003

Hi and welcome back.
cinnamonamon's Avatar cinnamonamon 04:13 AM 10-11-2003
Hey! Great to meet you & hope to see you around the boards. Good luck with ttc! Here's some babydust for you:

WickidaWitch's Avatar WickidaWitch 04:07 AM 10-13-2003
~ Hi Kenzie !

Gemini's Avatar Gemini 09:21 PM 10-14-2003

Glad to have you back!

Happy posting!

Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 11:09 PM 10-14-2003
Welcome back to the boards.
Kelly71's Avatar Kelly71 10:07 AM 10-15-2003
Welcome back!