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Mickj53's Avatar Mickj53 11:05 AM 10-17-2003
Howdy folks,
I'm a father of 1.5 wonderful kids. One still in the oven so to speak. I'm currently a stay at home Dad with a special needs son and thought that I might find some good ideas on these forums. I checked out some forums for Dads, but fishing and hunting tips just didn't seem to apply...
Hope to learn more and put some good techniques, tips and procedures into practice.


Irishmommy's Avatar Irishmommy 11:23 AM 10-17-2003
Welcome to the boards.
MotherNatrsSon's Avatar MotherNatrsSon 02:44 PM 10-17-2003
Well now I don't feel so alone. Another male joining shortly after me. I get to do the "house dad" thing too. I am usually on late at night after I finish my work on the computer. I do get to be online for a few during naptime as well.

Glad to see you here.

Gemini's Avatar Gemini 03:21 PM 10-17-2003

We have quite a few guys here, most of them are pretty forum specific, but you'll find them if you look around.

Happy to have you here!!

Happy posting!

Aster's Avatar Aster 06:00 PM 10-17-2003

Hi, and welcome to mdc!
whitecrew4's Avatar whitecrew4 06:20 PM 10-17-2003
serenetabbie's Avatar serenetabbie 10:42 AM 10-19-2003

Welcome a"board" papa!
WickidaWitch's Avatar WickidaWitch 04:12 AM 10-20-2003
~ Hi Mick ~