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I need good reasons why we should keep homeschooling. I'm having such a hard time with my boys fighting! It seems like it goes on all day and I've got the baby to take care of and all the dishes to do because of constantly cooking for kids who are constantly eating and then there's all the laundry and spending all the time to try and get them to do some cleaning. Art projects? Science projects? Sitting down and reading together? Who has the time when there's so much cooking and cleaning to do and a baby to nurse and put down for a nap. I feel like they would be getting more if they were in school. At least I really feel like putting my nine year old in school because he is driving me nuts with his never ending movement and jumping around the house like a total freak! I"m exhausted. I'm tired of yelling and being mad at them all the time. Maybe they'd be better off not being around a bitchy and tired mama all day. Whadda ya think?
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I find that my house stays cleaner when I spend more time out of it. When my 10 year old is bouncing and running around the house, I just know it's time to take him outside for a couple of hours.

I would suggest you start going out at 10am each morning, right after a quick breakfast, to a park or a homeschool group class or club, and ensure that your older boys get a bunch of running around time. Your baby will get fresh air and will most likely be wonderfully happy after having all of that great, interesting stuff to look at. If you use a swing or stroller, baby can always nap in those, if necessary.

Hopefully, baby will nap for a while in the afternoons. Then, perhaps you can spend 1-2 hours with your older boys, reading to/with them, completing projects or just plain spending time with them, then give them both quiet time, perhaps a couple more hours where they can do whatever they want, as long as they give you a chance to clean/tidy/accomplish/cook, whatever.

Might that work?
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with a baby, i can imagine that is a challenge. we are out & about a lot. even if it's just playing in the backyard, i find it's really important to get OUT. i don't know if that's doable though. hopefully others with multiple kids and little ones will give you some great advice and ideas! hugs.

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I only have one child and she'll only be starting K in the fall, so I'm not even pretending to know anything about what it must be like to homeschool with multiple children. I think school is a good choice for some families and I don't know what would be best for yours. I was thinking though, that if your 9-year-old really is so active that you can't get him to calm down, that would probably be a BIG problem for him in a regular public school. If you decide on school, you might want to consider a school taht uses a different format than a typical PS. It was just a thought I had. Good luck, whatever you decide.
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Hugs, mama. I have lots of those days too, especially feeling like as soon as I feed everyone, the first one done is ready for the next meal. My kids are nearly 9, 6, 3.5; we have set up a routine where they know I will glady prepare 3-4 meals a day, but only once, so if you miss the 'it's time for a meal' call (miss, as in ignore, too busy playing) the plate will sit out for a half hour or so, or you make something yourself. We have lots of snacks available, they can grab fruit or a granola bar in between. I usually save dishes and most cleanup other than clearing the table/counter for once a day, at night.

I agree that it helps to get out. When my kids a play outside/excerise during the day, they are more willing to sit and read/be read to afterwards. Do you have a routine where you can get out in the morning, then come back at/after lunch? Can you read aloud to your kids while nursing the baby? Or set them up with a project to work on while your take care of the youngest?

I find that throwing in a surprise day every once in a while helps us break out of a rut and adjust our routine - like either a big outing, or just something minor like doing schoolwork outside, or switching around the order in which we do things, or coming up with a new way to make a list or schedule of things to do.
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Originally Posted by forrestguy View Post
Maybe they'd be better off not being around a bitchy and tired mama all day. Whadda ya think?
The answer is....maybe.

First off, I am not sure what your reasons are for HSing, but whatever they are I am sure they are strong enough that you should attempt to salvage the situation.

You could tweak HSing. If you are structured, go looser. If you feel so loose nothing is getting down, set up a bit of a schedule. Stay in too much? Go out. Consider joining HS groups (honestly about half of our offical learning time comes from outside the home activities. There are a bunch of reasons for this - but I think it may well work for you as well)

Alternately - if you can swing it financially - hire someone. Hire someone to watch your kids 2 afternoons a week - or clean the house so you can relax with the kids.

I do think, though, if you try and try and try - and your state of mind is still consistantly bitc*y - school might be something to consider.

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mama I could have written your post so many times before! and stoll definatly have days like that, but they are getting fewer and farther between as my youngest gets older.
How old is the baby? middle child? I really have to second what others have said about getting out, but, I know how OVERWHELMING it can be to get eveyone out the door!

Me: Lets go to the park.
Kids: yea! were going to the park!
Me: please get your socks and shoes on while I get sister ready/snack packed.
Boys; I can't(all pretty capable except 3 yr old)/don't know where they are(not even looking)/busy after I am done xyz
Me: Boys PLEASE go get your socks and shoes on. so we can go to the park.
Boys: refrain
Me, Refrain

And on and on and on, While I find my self asking WHY AM I DOING THIS?

So here is what I have started doing- I ask once maybe twice for them to get their shoes on (which our now kept by the door whith socks tucked inside them). If they don't, they get in the car when I am ready to go in what ever state of readiness they are in and I bring their socks &shoes/appropriate clothes/sunscreen etc with us. Those who are ready get to get out of the van right away and go play. Those that are not have to finish getting ready, and they usualy do so pretty fast with the park right there in sight. I try not to scold or be neg. its just the nat. consequense if you choose not to get ready w/ everyone else. I have to say I am having less and less issues getting every oneout of the house.

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