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youngnhappymamma's Avatar youngnhappymamma 05:32 PM 09-02-2009
I bought Miquoin Math, but have not used it in the 2 years since....seems so confusing. I need something very straightforward and doesn't require a lot of preparation and something that kids can do largely on their own. Any suggestions? I am thinking about Math-U-See, but not sure.

Mommy&Will's Avatar Mommy&Will 05:35 PM 09-02-2009
I have Math-U-See and am loving it. Watch a short video on each lesson, and you are off.... I think its going to work great for us. Last year we were doing Singapore and it did not go well.
kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 06:54 PM 09-02-2009
I second MUS. I agree, Miquon makes my head spin.
oceanbaby's Avatar oceanbaby 07:42 PM 09-02-2009
It really is personal preference. I watched the Math U See video and was thoroughly confused (and I consider myself strong in math). We really like Singapore, although we admittedly have only done about 1/2 year of it.
fruitfulmomma's Avatar fruitfulmomma 07:46 PM 09-02-2009
We use these

They are designed to be self-teaching to the children and go step-by-step building on the previous lesson. They are available for up to 6th grade/fractions.
elizawill's Avatar elizawill 07:49 PM 09-02-2009
i liked MUS, but my dd specifically asked for a different curriculum this year we are now using a mix of things, but "making math meaningful" is the main one (but it doesn't fit your description).

i really don't have any specific curriculum recommendations, but whatever you use - i bet these videos could help make it more independent for your ds, as they're tutorials.

sleet76's Avatar sleet76 08:46 PM 09-02-2009
We like Right Start Math. It is different, and fun. There is not much prep, especially once you get the hang of what you're supposed to be doing, and get used to the materials. It has a TON of manipulatives, and really helps with a deep understanding of math. I'm very pleased. (and I'm a pretty "lazy" homeschooler, IMO)
SandyBeachBums's Avatar SandyBeachBums 10:02 PM 09-02-2009
We have been using MUS for years. It's a bit different at times. But, I love that you have a Teacher to watch. Plus, if they get the lesson you just move on to the next one. My children are "behind" do to our own choices. I love that the levels aren't Grade levels.
youngnhappymamma's Avatar youngnhappymamma 10:56 PM 09-02-2009
Thanks for the suggestions! I am researching them right now.

Right Start seems pretty darn pricey! Kumon is super cheap....geez, if I just had unlimited funds......
umbrella's Avatar umbrella 11:04 PM 09-02-2009
We've liked the Singapore Math textbooks.
scheelimama's Avatar scheelimama 01:40 AM 09-03-2009
Another vote for MUS. My dd is finally "getting" it.
MaWhit's Avatar MaWhit 03:31 AM 09-03-2009 has a decent program, and it's free.
LilyGrace's Avatar LilyGrace 06:34 AM 09-03-2009
Another vote for Math U See here. It's simple, straightforward, and you determine how much and what kind of practice you need. The dvd explains math in a way that is easy to grasp and hold onto.
cfiddlinmama's Avatar cfiddlinmama 04:20 PM 09-03-2009
Based on the thread title I was coming to recommend Miquon, but I can see that that won't work! I hope you find a program that works for you. We went from Modern Curriculum to Miquon and absolutely love it. It has turned math from a chore to a game and I love how the kids are really "getting" how numbers work. I haven't found it confusing....
AmandaGRB's Avatar AmandaGRB 12:47 PM 09-08-2009
Right Start Math did not work for us. We found it confusing and I thought there was a lot of prep involved. I couldn't just sit down and open a box and go. We are using Saxon this year, but haven't started it yet.

ChinaDoll 08:19 PM 09-08-2009
We love Math U See! Singapore is great also - we sometimes supplement with it.
kgianforti's Avatar kgianforti 08:25 PM 09-08-2009
We started using Singapore Math and really enjoy it. I also supplement with math books from the Critical Thinking Company.
Ravin's Avatar Ravin 12:47 AM 09-09-2009
My first thought is, what is it that you find so confusing about Miquon? We're using it now and I've found it very open-and-go. A couple of times I've looked in the annotations for ideas of extra activities with a page, and DD has skipped around some--she'll refuse to finish one page and go ahead with the next four, then come back around to it when she's good and ready.
chaoticzenmom's Avatar chaoticzenmom 02:34 PM 09-09-2009
Did you get the annotations with the Miquon math? I am finding it to be an easy tool since each subject is divided so well into each level.

Singapore is pretty straightforward. Maybe that one will work for you?
kittie313's Avatar kittie313 03:01 PM 09-09-2009
I have Miquon that we use as a supplement to our ohva math (k12) and we love it. I have a friend with a dd who is in 3rd grade, she struggled through Saxon math before mom made budget room to buy Math-U-See for her. Now her dd is getting math, she didn't even get the basic addition facts with Saxon and now can answer all the simple addition facts without stopping to count on her fingers. For them, its a perfect choice. For us, the right choice is to add Miquon to what we're already doing.

I also use those workbooks you can get at stores like WalMart and dollar stores for reinforcement. Its really helped a lot to cement those facts for dd1, while teaching the concepts to dd2 (who insists on having her own copy of the workbooks as well because she has to keep up with her big sister)