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2winsmamaand2more's Avatar 2winsmamaand2more 04:27 PM 01-04-2010
Hi Mama's

I have been HS'ing my 13 yo dd for most of her life. She is about to audition for a Arts School with really stiff competition. I knew it was coming but am largely (really largely) unprepared. I didn't realize the school wanted three years of transcripts just to schedule her auditions. I have about one week to pull this together. We have done some "formal" bookwork but have never graded anything. Mainly we have unschooled with some math thrown in.

Anybody have experience with this?

Please help.

Feeling like a bad mom.



theretohere's Avatar theretohere 05:15 PM 01-04-2010
I would google for some example transcripts to see what it needs to look like, and then add in what you've used. I would look at everything else and see if you can fit into the holes. I wouldn't lie, or anything. Have you kept any records? Journals?
SagMom's Avatar SagMom 09:09 PM 01-04-2010
See if you can get a copy of The Homeschooler's Guide to Portfolios and Transcripts it's an excellent resource for turning hsing info into a transcript that schools will understand. There are a variety of different layouts explained, from the traditional course title/grade set-up to ones that look like resumes, to narratives.

There are templates for organizing and explanations on how to put focus on particular information you'd like to highlight.

I've done both of my older kids' transcripts using this book.
luv-my-boys's Avatar luv-my-boys 12:36 AM 01-05-2010
Perhaps writing what your daughter learned each yr down and generalities might make writing up a transcript easier? For instance she planted a garden i.e horticulture or environmental science or she has a blog or website i.e keyboarding or computer science.
Lillian J's Avatar Lillian J 12:46 AM 01-05-2010
Also take a look through these links for some ideas:

Educationese, Reporting...

If you elaborate on things read, and interesting or important things she has experience with, that may help. - Lillian