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I thought it would be fun for us to have another journal type thread. What are your kids learning about today?

Midwife (CPM, LDM) and homeschooling mama to:
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My 6th grader is finishing out the year on the Civil War, so he's beginning to read Shades of Gray today. He finished Rifles for Watie last week. I'm also giving him "math finals" from our Saxon 76. Some days I cobble some sort of writing assignment together, like last week he wrote to Grandma , & we do our 30 min spanish lesson every day. But other than that, we're sooo close to the last day of school (the 17th) that I'm feeling done, burnt out, and ready for summer!!

My 4 yr old is madly in love with a new craft book I recently picked up (Usborne's big book of playtime activities) & is right now going through it & picking out alllll the crafts we're going to do today. lol He's also singing Frosty the Snowman.

My 2 yo is cutting paper with those wavy-cut scissors & making a nice, giant, cut paper pile.

ETA: And my 18 yo DD is going to her college classes today, & my 7 mo old is currently on the boob.

North Idaho rural living  mama to: 23 yo DD, 17 yo DS, 9 yo DS, 7 yo DS, 5 yr old DS, 3 yo DD, 2 yo DS, and our newest family member, a boy born December 2014!
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We're finished with structured academics for the year. My kids are working on cooperative play and communication skills, engineering (K'nex), and invention (a ton of things hooked together to make some type of phone). They also practiced debate and decision making skills when I was moving different toys into and out from the toy closet.

You can find me on Facebook. PM for info.
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Hmm... they got up with DH and played "ice cream shop" in the sandbox for a while with ice cream scoops and plastic "cones." Then I took them to the playground for a couple of hours. Home for lunch, then DS fell asleep while we were walking to the post office to mail a gift to a friend.

I bought DD some cool stamps about an ocean ecosystem and I read her some of the descriptions on the back about the different animals. She decided not to use the stamps and to keep it as a whole sheet and start a stamp collection like her grandfather. She pondered what the other stamps in the set are probably like, if they are all ocean things, or groups of animals that share characteristics, or all different habitats and the animals that live there. (I told her we could look up the other ones in the series at later).

She repeated the sets/grouping thought line at the drugstore, wondering what you would add to different granola bars to make different flavor combinations (ie-they have "s'mores" ones that she guessed have marshmallow and chocolate chips; she wondered what you'd put in to make strawberry shortcake ones, what's in cinnamon crunch ones, etc.)

While DS napped (very short, unfortunately. I hate that he's giving up his nap overall.), she played Headsprout and got a new book to read, then proudly read it to me. Now they're watching Yo Gabba Gabba while I do a little cleaning up around the house.

DD will write and draw a picture in her new journal she started yesterday, and she has a ballet class. We were talking about painting or fingerpainting later.

And this is on a "non-homeschool" day for us! 3 days a week I follow Moving Beyond the Page curriculum with DD, but today is an errands and around the house day. We have this week and next week, same as the local public school, to finish our last homeschool unit. Almost there!

Happy with my DH, 2 kids, dog, fish, and frogs
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We went blueberry picking! Listened to a CD on Greek mythology during the drive, now the kids are loafing and we'll swim later. Summer fun at our house!

Frugal, food growing mama to my four loves

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It's summer, so totally lazy

The only thing we've done besides free play is making a chart that juuust about 3 year old DD worked on with fruits on one side, and veggies on the other. And we talked about the difference, and ate some to prove a point That they are yummy!

Later we are going to make butterfly sugar for our garden

blogging.jpg    fambedsingle2.gif  homebirth.jpg  read.gif  happy momma to DD 8/07 and DS 6/10
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we're done with school until mid august. my son had tae kwon do today & my daughter is having a spend the night party for the second night in a row here. right now they're swimming outside & later we plan to watch "where the wild things are". that's about it. i'm tired!

homeschooling mama to DD 10 & DS 7 blogging.jpg

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We're hosting a "Guatemala Heritage Day" for our homeschool group this week. We're an adoptive family, and DD was born in Guatemala. She wanted to do a special thing for all her friends. So, we have been busy planning for it! Music, activities, stories. She's been very involved in all the decisions and planning. Also, with the recent disasters in Guatemala, she has had me reviewing different charity groups with her so she could choose to donate some money.

So, today, she and DH cleaned up outside a bit, went shopping for the food, and she and I are making some chocobananos as soon as I get off work!

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James' speech therapist came over around 8:15am and did a 45 minute session with him. Patrick (9yo ds) read an Eyewitness book about Archeology on his own. Then I read Magic School Bus Shows and Tells: A Book about Archeology to Patrick, Delilah (6) and James (4).

The two big kids (P&D) both did a lesson in their CLE Bible workbooks. Patrick did two because the second lesson was a quiz and he likes those.

We went to the YMCA from about 10am to 12. The kids did arts and crafts and went to the playground with the childcare people while I worked out with a friend.

When we got home, Patrick and Delilah each did a lesson in their CLE Math workbooks. Delilah got through two before she decided to go play. Patrick spent about fifteen minutes working on Latin for Children A.

Around 2:30, another homeschooling family came over to play and we hung out with them for most of the afternoon.

Midwife (CPM, LDM) and homeschooling mama to:
14yo ds   11yo dd  9yo ds and 7yo ds and 2yo ds  
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Ds watched a few videos on BrainPOP this morning on electricity and watched an episode of "The Magic School Bus' online about electricity.

Today was also Garden day with my dh. They've built a support structure for our pole beans, weeded the garden, and labeled the plants (dh mostly did that part). The kids have played in the sandbox and "made concrete" with water and mud. They've made a raised bed and planted seeds for their fairy garden.

Later this afternoon we'll be kneading dough for pizza and making shapes with the dough. We'll watch Ice Road Truckers as a family and probably finish the day out reading "The Magic Schoolbus Electric Field Trip" for probably the tenth time in three or four days.

Me? I'm supposed to be working on lesson planning for next year.
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The kids (3 and 5) woke up crazy early and dh hung out with them, made breakfast, and read them stories for a while until I achieved something resembling consciousness. After he left for work, they pulled out a science kit that their grandparents made for them -- a tupperware box chock full o' stuff like straws, thread, a compass, etc. -- and played with that for a couple hours while I got some work done around the house. About the time I asked them to clean it up so we could use the table for lunch, dd showed me a musical instrument she made by stretching thread taut between two straws and strumming it. DS turned half a spool of thread and two straws into panpipes (read: kazoo) and they made beautiful moosic together while I prepped lunch.

Then they went and had a fairy party on a tree stump at their aunt's house while I spent three hours with the neurologist (fun, fun, fun!). When I picked them up, they were full of snacks, had planted cherry pits around her yard, ds was wearing fairy wings and had dumped a bottle of glitter on his head, and they'd made a full set of picnic dishes out of construction paper. Somewhere in there they managed to find time to watch a Care Bears movie.

DS crashed on the way home, so I read some Easy Readers with dd and now she's playing Set with dh while I get dinner ready.
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We are just about done with our school year here.

This morning we went on a quick walk with the dogs up and down our street.

Then Lilah (5.5) and Rowan (3) played in our yard with a neighbor while Noah reviewed his math main lesson book and decorated the cover page.

Off and on all day Noah (8.5) read Harry Potter.

Dr's appt for Noah at noon.

Costco for some groceries and lunch. Picked up our milk at a friend's house and visited for a few minutes.

Home to swim for a couple of hours.

Chrissy, lucky mama to Noah (9), Lilah (6), Rowan (3) and Laney (1).
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Here, we've got 2 semi sick boys and one feverish wee guy, so it was fairly light. Lego's were built with, I dragged them all (not that they are that bad off by any means lol just coughs really) outside for fresh air... it's about 22C here so still warm in the sunshine There was also a bit of pet care, tidying up the rats cages and feeding them.. then cudddles

We've also been discussing the idea of workboxes to see what they thought of it. They have decided it's a winner, so we're going to bring those into our days

My 8yo did a lesson of his spelling book, did some drawing & crafting on his own, and got out the base ten 'stamps' and ink pad and made numbers for him & his 6yo brother to convert into tally marks. Going to intro him to Timez Attack today maybe, to see what he thinks, as we'll be starting MUS gamma /multiplication soon.

6yo did a lesson or two on Reading eggs as well as worked with his new file folder game (matching upper & lower case letters as well as using the little pictures to tell what sound they made). He did the rubber stamping/tally marks practice session with his brother too.

We're going to be watching a wicked documentary on the computer in a few minutes about Uranus & Neptune. It's part of a series we've been watching called Voyage to the Planets (on our public tv) and it's GREAT. The oldest might do a bit of a 'report' writing the things He thought were coolest about the movie. And I'll get the 6yo to tell me something he thought was good, and write it down so he can copy it. No writing done today, so Squeezing a little bit of writing in

Pagan  lovin'  WOW playing mum to 5 boys in the wonderful land of Oz ... FOR THE HORDE! hehehe
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My 12 year old worked at the horse ranch for 4 hours (8 a.m.-12 p.m). Then came home and worked on the yard. We don't have a lawn mower only a weed eater so he's been trying to get the lawn done with it.

My 5 year old played games this morning on the Wii then went outside to ride his bike and rollerblade. We then went into the backyard and work in the garden. He helped me plant some corn, peas and squash. Then he turned part of the garden area into his own little play place.

We will be moving to a place that has 58 acres down in SE Colorado so we've been trying to see how we can make it profitable. Ds wants something he can drive around the property so he's been checking out atvs and such. Me-I've been looking up sheep and goats.

I am just me. Cert. HHP and Herbalist and mom to three wonderful home educated boys.
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