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acu-mommy's Avatar acu-mommy 12:54 AM 06-20-2010
Hi! I am new to the mothering forum, and was wondering if there are any other preschool age, planning to be homeschoolers out there who want to get together or chat! We are not set on any particular style, reading well trained mind, considering waldorf, bought some Enki materials, and do lots of arts, music, and of course, play....We would like to find some community to get together with, play, and learn..(my son is 3 1/2, my daughter is 18 months)
thanks! lisa aka acu-mommy

mountainfeather's Avatar mountainfeather 01:12 AM 06-20-2010
Hi - I live in the Manchester area and am considering homeschooling, but I have a ways to go yet, my dd is only 8 months old .
Stacey B's Avatar Stacey B 04:18 AM 06-20-2010
Hee hee hee, hi Lisa I saw you're note and knew it was you. Sadly we are no where near you any more. I know there are quiet a few parents in the southern VT area, you might want to check the VT, ME NH tribe board.

We miss you guys!!!
MomVT's Avatar MomVT 06:50 PM 02-22-2012

I realize your post is from ages ago, but if you still montor this thread I wonder if you decided to home school?  I am in the early stages of looking into it, and wondered if there is much support in the Manchester area.

katmanduzen's Avatar katmanduzen 10:58 AM 02-23-2012

Hi! Yes we are still planning on homeschooling, my son is 5, so we will start a kindergarden-ish curriculum this summer/fall.  My daughter is 3, so we are mostly working on letters and numbers with her, art & music.  Are you in the Manchester area too?  Sorry to say, I have not found any local homeschooling group, though there so seem to be some families homeschooling around here, there just doesn't seem to be any co-op or gathering or organized 'group'. I would love to get together with other families considering, or already about curriculum and plans, and maybe have some social and playtime for the kids!  Feel free to email me at [email protected]

thanks, Lisa 

rjk802's Avatar rjk802 05:39 AM 08-05-2012

I have a soon to be 3 year old and am interested!

kathomas09's Avatar kathomas09 09:07 PM 10-01-2012

I just started homeschooling my son he is in 2nd grade.  I also have 2 other kids, a 1 year old and a 9 year old (she attends normal school).  Anyone on the Arlington, VT area looking for a homeschool play group or maybe homeschool group field trips?

katmanduzen's Avatar katmanduzen 07:44 PM 10-02-2012

Yes! I would love to connect with other area homeschoolers (we are in manchester)  We just started our first year of homeschooling, K/1st grade....feel free to email me!  [email protected]     -lisa