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Kindermama's Avatar Kindermama 11:43 PM 07-26-2010
Anyone have some recommendations for 3d-6th grade math programs online, on dvd or on cd-rom?

urchin_grey's Avatar urchin_grey 11:49 PM 07-26-2010
Its not really a program on its own but we love for practice. It goes up to a 6th grade level (7th and 8th grades are being released this September).
Eli&SkyesMom's Avatar Eli&SkyesMom 01:07 AM 07-27-2010
For Saxxon Math you can get the Dive CD's. I like it, because my son can pause the lecture while he takes down his notes, then he can continue. They are little bit religious, but if you don't mind that, they are a good tool.
Tina Harris's Avatar Tina Harris 07:09 AM 07-29-2010
There are some nice programs (grades 3-10), on that I have been using with my son with great results… Summer and year long programs, state mapped, and with nice, structured curriculums. What we liked is the assessment – If you don’t want to pick a step up or foundation program yourself, just have your kid tested on various concepts based on state and grade, and they’ll set up a personalized curriculum just for you. And they keep us involved through recommendations and stuff, and their programs cover all my son needs.

What my son likes is that it takes a limited amount of time – short worksheets, and he learns at his own time, and his own pace, as he masters one concept before moving to the next. He learns on his own too – I’m no math expert, and their hints and video lessons, practice, tests really help build his confidence.

Hope this helps you out !
lauriem33's Avatar lauriem33 01:38 PM 07-29-2010
The Duchess's Avatar The Duchess 06:53 PM 07-29-2010

We do the UK version because we are in Europe. The kids love it and can go at their own pace. Also gives lots of feedback for parents which I like.
Chicky2's Avatar Chicky2 07:20 PM 07-29-2010
I really like the teaching textbooks, but dang they are pricey!!

We currently use IXL, and it's only $13 for all 3. I'm starting the 2 wk free trial at whizz to see if they like it better.