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UrbanSimplicity's Avatar UrbanSimplicity 12:37 AM 09-05-2010
. . .and broke? does anyone do this? is it even legal? could you receive financial assistance or would they make you send your kids to school so you can get a miserable low paying job and be broke anyway?

sorry for the dour tone, dh and i just separated and the thought of also losing the dream of hsing my 2dds is just one more huge loss. we've been living a hs way of life since birth.

One_Girl's Avatar One_Girl 12:48 AM 09-05-2010
I was able to homeschool and can again if I need to because I am living with family right now and don't have to pay rent. I paid for food, gas, and fun classes for dd by nannying for families that let me bring my dd with me (I found them on Craigslist). I believe that to qualify for financial assistance you do have to be working, where I am you have to attend a job class and show you are actively seeking work or working at least 30 hours a week. If you work 30 hours a week you make to much to qualify for financial assistance. Foodstamps and medicaid have no work requirement.
DeerMother's Avatar DeerMother 02:11 AM 09-05-2010
Have you asked in single parenting? Seems like there are a few over there who hs.
CrazyCatLady's Avatar CrazyCatLady 02:25 AM 09-05-2010
I am single and homeschool. It's not easy, but it's a priority of mine so I make it happen. And yes it's legal to be a single, homeschooling parent.

I get nothing from my dd's dad. I get some SSI for money, but not even close to being enough to cover our expenses. I also do a lot of babysitting (I bring dd with me). Sometimes I go-go dance or teach exercise classes for extra money. I live in a very nice place, but I also do a lot of heavy duty farm/barn work in addition to paying rent so that I can live here. To make things more fun I also go to college full time at night.

This year I enrolled dd in a homeschool program through a local charter school. They pay for whatever curriculum I want and they also provide free classes, so that may help me out some.

As far as general relief or welfare goes, you do need to be working or actively seeking employment to get benefits (in my state there are some exceptions for pregnancy and people caring for very little ones). You can get food stamps and medical though. But no, the government doesn't pay for single parents to stay home and homeschool. Won't your ex-husband be paying child support and helping out?
Dar's Avatar Dar 03:17 AM 09-05-2010
I've always homeschooled as a single parent, without any financial support from my kid's dad. It's doable, but you may need to be flexible about a lot of things, like what kind of work you'll do and where you'll live...
UrbanSimplicity's Avatar UrbanSimplicity 11:23 PM 09-05-2010
my husband makes nearly nothing (and its been this way for a long time) and i would plan on moving closer to where my family is. i do 95% of parenting anyway.