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lonegirl's Avatar lonegirl 01:30 PM 09-05-2010
where I can find a list of skills for the end of each grade. I remember somewhere coming across a very comprehensive list of learned skills for each grade....I have no idea what the name of the site was but thought maybe someone might have suggestions. Thanks!

tammyw's Avatar tammyw 01:57 PM 09-05-2010
I'm interested to see that too. I've just been using "What your 2nd/3rd Grader Should Know" as my reference guide. I also have another book that has all the grades in one - Home Learning Year By Year I believe it's called (by Rupp?)
snugglebutter's Avatar snugglebutter 02:46 PM 09-05-2010

Is this what you are looking for?
lonegirl's Avatar lonegirl 03:17 PM 09-05-2010
Originally Posted by snugglebutter View Post
Thank-you! Not the exact one but looks great for what I need
SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 09:21 PM 09-05-2010

These guides are put together by Nancy Plent, founder of the Unschoolers Network in New Jersey and a long-time homeschooler. She reviewed the scope and sequence charts and curriculum guides of dozens of schools in various states, then combined the highest standards of elements from each to create these guides. Why purchase these curriculum guides? 1) They may help you to fulfill your state's legal requirement to provide an educational plan 2) They allow you to see some of the highest standards for schools at various grade levels, just in case you are curious about what the schools expect or are anxious about what you are doing 3) They provide record-keeping space that can help organize a portfolio.
JessicaS's Avatar JessicaS 02:22 AM 09-06-2010
I like Home Learning Year by Year by Rebecca Rupp.

If you don't want to buy it I did check it out from the Library before I ended up purchasing it