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We have enrolled DS in a Charter school and are supposed to be starting tomorrow although we don't go in to pick out curriculum until later this week? I'm sure I'll be more comfortable once we have it and I have something to follow, but I'm still a pretty nervous. I don't fully know what to expect since I haven't seen what the curriculum looks like and also we get to choose from a few different types so I'm hopeing I will be able to pick out the right stuff for DS. I have so many questions and feel like a ton more that I can't even think of yet? Is it normal to not have curriculum at first and do you just find stuff online in the interm? Also does anyone have a list of favorite curriculums I can look at (with hopes that maybe they'll be on the list I can order from) Sorry for this all over the place post I'm just really overwelmed and honestly not feeling very confident at this moment. TIA
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IMO "starting homeschooling" for a kindergartener doesn't need to mean anything more than including your child in your life, and being a keen observer of his natural learning. Our homeschooling year (for reporting purposes) started this week and today all I did differently was to jot down the various things my 7-year-old did that could loosely be considered educational -- making plasticine boats that floated, flipping through some National Geographics, watching her dad charge up the van's dead battery and asking him about the red and black wires, helping polish the floor and talking about the difference between waxes and oils, playing a logic game on the computer, estimating what portion of a cup was full of water, listening to a readaloud. I didn't "school her" as in "actively enact a learning program upon her," but there was plenty of home-based learning which took place and I duly documented it.

So relax! Live your life, include your ds in it, make note of what natural learning takes place. Your charter isn't in a hurry to get curriculum to you because they know that even in schools the first couple of weeks are spent mostly on administrative and organizational stuff -- getting to know the kids, teaching them school and classroom rules, getting them adjusted to the new environment. You don't have that stuff to worry about, so you can afford to take it easy.

As for curriculum, we didn't use any at all at the KG level (and precious little since), so I'm afraid I can't help you there. Perhaps others will have some recommendations.


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I agree with the PP, nothing different has happened (until this year and ds is 10 now). Kids did just fine with life and learning, there is no magic switch when they turn 5 yrs old LOL... follow your childs lead, include them in daily life...go on field trips, frequent the library, play at the park, and possibly join a HS play group... ds really liked our group when he was little.

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We open enrolled into a public charter school to sign up for the K12 virtual curriculum this year (we have a virtual education thread going if you want to check it out). I was exactly where you are at a few weeks ago. There were so many choices and changes, and I was a bit overwhelmed. We finally picked and received our curriculum and then got to know the school. It took several weeks, but I am now feeling comfortable. One of the best pieces of advice I got was to focus on the core subjects (math, language arts, phonics and handwriting) first and then when you feel comfortable with those subjects add in the others (science, history, music, art, etc). Starting slowly keeps you and your child from getting overwhelmed!

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Thanks to all. I guess I was nervous about reporting and not knowing what since we weren't following anything yet but your right it'll come. I'm sure I will feel better in the next coming days and weeks.
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