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jlpumkin's Avatar jlpumkin 12:28 PM 09-24-2010
Anyone have experience with this? Just to clarify, I mean the academy that is held one day per week for humanities and another optional day for science and math. Children complete assignments between meetings. I have a friend that does it for highschool and loves it. My children are much younger so I'm hoping to hear some younger experiences.

Kailey's mom's Avatar Kailey's mom 01:51 AM 09-27-2010
We're in FL, and we are thinking about Verita's as well. It's 2 days/week here, and a private school. From the website, it seems to be awesome, but the tuition is a bit costly, especially since we live paycheck to paycheck!!! You have the option to obtain a homeschooling status or private school status.