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sweetmama3's Avatar sweetmama3 12:25 PM 10-05-2010
Hello, I was on here the other day, and came across reference to a website that was free charlotte mason style curriculum, and thought I bookmarked it, now I cant find it! Any suggestions as to what it may be?

ocelotmom's Avatar ocelotmom 01:03 PM 10-05-2010
Fairy4tmama's Avatar Fairy4tmama 02:37 PM 10-05-2010
sweetmama3's Avatar sweetmama3 11:12 PM 10-05-2010
Originally Posted by ocelotmom View Post
thank you! It was tanglewood!. I have never heard of any of the others, I will check those out too!
PJsmomma's Avatar PJsmomma 02:38 AM 10-06-2010

I love her book finder. I think it's valuable for any one regardless of the curriculum you use. You input subject matter and grade level and it pops up a list of living books
AngelBee's Avatar AngelBee 08:24 PM 10-06-2010