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mattemma04 08:35 PM 03-23-2004

imakebelieve's Avatar imakebelieve 01:16 PM 03-27-2004
I don't mean to be rude or anything, but I think you would be missing out on the advantages of homeschooling, being with your kids and your kids being with you. If you are okay with sending them out to a daycare full time, why not just send them to school?
mattemma04 01:52 PM 03-27-2004
imakebelieve's Avatar imakebelieve 02:02 PM 03-27-2004
Maybe they could be in a home daycare setting and you could arrange some type of switching with another mom. Then you could have them in a home setting, but with a family. Or can you work from home? I have to wah to help make ends meet. Some days it means a little more tape watching for Ben, but then he can still be at home. Is that possible?
SquirelNutkin's Avatar SquirelNutkin 02:29 PM 03-28-2004
I ahve known several mothers who worked and homeschooled.
For them, the key was flexible work schedules, depending on other homeschool families for babysitting or a nanny, prepared curriculum and caffeine! (none had families in the area)

One was a dogwalker, one a make up artist, one a party cordinator and another a medical assistant by contract.

I think it is do able. If you can do contract work- that would be great. Also working at home is good- just dont expect to have your child there with you the whole time.
(I ahd one mother write to me, I just couldnt beg her to watch another video anylonger)

I have tried to work part time at night- ebay and contract work- and homeschool and I find it way too hectic, and crazy and stress ridden. (But I ahve 2 children)

I would do a search for single an homeschooling, since singles do have to work most often- and some still choose to homeschool.

Heres a link to a group that used to have some single homeschooling articles-

If you can scale back and only work part time, that would help the balance a lot.

Good Luck
grisandole's Avatar grisandole 02:43 PM 03-28-2004
Hi! I went to school p/t; worked nights, and homeschooled. It can be done. I was lucky, my best friend was ds1's babysitter, and she is amazing. While she watched him, she would do some of the homeschooling. I did the rest when I was around.

The great thing about hsing is you can do it anytime! If you work during the day, you can hs in the evening.

I'm not sure what you will be doing, and how much you will be making, but look into finding someone to come into your home and watch your ds there, and do some of the hsing. Or put him in a home daycare..........

I will say, if you are going to pay for daycare, you might want to check in to a Waldorf preschool/kindergarten, that might be a good option!

Good luck!

lizzie's Avatar lizzie 07:43 PM 03-28-2004
While I haven't had to live any of this, a friend of mine and I have talked about HS/daycare for each others children. She has to work, I don't, and she really likes the idea of HS. She also would really love to teach school, even though she prefers her own daughter stay home. I would think that so long as you could agree on 'curriculum' choices, and record keeping options, it could be a happy thing? So her dd could just play along with us during the day, and they can HS as a family on wknds and evenings. So maybe there is another HS mom in a group nearby that could use a little extra cash (can't we all!!) and could include your child in their HSing? I know that would require a lot of similar views and whatnot, but it could work wonderfully if you found the right family!

mattemma04 11:46 AM 03-29-2004
stafl's Avatar stafl 01:05 PM 03-29-2004
There are parents in my homeschool group who work full time and still homeschool their children. I think, for them, the parents either work different shifts so one can be with the kids while the other works, or they stay with grandparents if both parents are at work at the same time. Sometimes they might go play with other homeschool friends if both parents have to be at work at the same time, but that isn't an all-day, every-day thing.
One older homeschool girl volunteers at the aquarium and/or zoo, and does that while her mom is at work (part-time).

Find some real-life support in your area. Good luck! You'll figure out how to make it work!