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ledzepplon's Avatar ledzepplon 02:35 PM 11-02-2010
Hi mamas, I'm a mom of a first grader who we've just begun homeschooling. She's reading really well right now, and I credit her school for teaching a solid phonics program for this. They were using Spalding phonics.

Here's where my question comes in. I wasn't taught to read using phonics, and since my daughter is a fast learner, we never really had to practice these at home last year. But I do see how well the program has worked for her, so I'd like to continue as long as it's useful.

The thing is, I don't know if I need to continue with the same program, or how long kids usually use a phonics program. Do we quit now that she's reading, or is there value in studying it further? Any useful website about phonics you could steer me to would be much appreciated.


dubatatamama's Avatar dubatatamama 04:25 PM 11-02-2010
My DS who will be 5 in January is a fluent reader. We personally still use a phonics program (Explode the Code) in addition to a ton of read aloud time and time for him to read to us for my own personal comfort level to make sure he has the basics of phonics rules down, if that makes sense. It is a fun program and he enjoys it. They have an online program as well (for a fee), but we just use the workbooks.

As far as how long to use a program?? Not sure about that one, but I will be interested to see what others say about that one!
sapphire_chan's Avatar sapphire_chan 04:29 PM 11-02-2010
After a child is reading well, the only further phonics I could see would be just doing stuff like introducing "psy" and "ph" and such when the child comes across them in the course of life.
naturegirl7's Avatar naturegirl7 01:53 AM 11-03-2010
I just got phonics pathways and I am liking it. I didn't learn phonics as a kid. Ans DS taught himself to read and has resisted the very idea of phonics programs. This is is really cool though. Makes more sense to me than any of the other programs honestly. Suddenly I understand the little "key" for pronouncing things in the dictionary. Phonics Pathways can be used for phonics, readings, and for spelling. We are strong with reading already - but his phonics is very basic and his spelling sucks as a result. I am selling it to him as a spelling program - he just happens to learn phonics while "decoding" the spelling rules.
Holiztic's Avatar Holiztic 05:40 PM 11-03-2010
I am thinking of using Phonics Road when DS is older (3.5 now). I am very impressed with everything on their website and everything I have read about the program!
elizawill's Avatar elizawill 05:56 PM 11-03-2010
i'd probably recommend "all about spelling". it's a spelling program, but people also use it to teach reading. it might be a good least worth checking out.
elizawill's Avatar elizawill 05:57 PM 11-03-2010
Originally Posted by Holiztic View Post
I am thinking of using Phonics Road when DS is older (3.5 now). I am very impressed with everything on their website and everything I have read about the program!
yes, i keep seeing that discussed at another board. the cost is freaking me out though. i'm really researching it, as i agree, it looks good!
ledzepplon's Avatar ledzepplon 11:16 AM 11-10-2010

Thanks for the suggestions! 

raelize's Avatar raelize 12:15 PM 11-10-2010

we started phonics jsut by discussing sounds when we would id letters whenever we saw them.  we didn't ever really sit down and try to "learn the sounds" till about 3 months ago.  she wanted to start reading so i bought bob books and the ordinary parents guide to teaching reading.  we got through the short vowel sounds before i realized dd already knew all the sounds just from us identifying htem and sounding them out in books and out and about together.  so, we moved to BOB books.  she reads 2 a week.  one that is easier for her, and one that is the next step up.  i am amazed at how easily she has learned to read.  when i teach dd2 how to read, i will just do the same thing.    its not expensive and it seems very natural.

pampered_mom's Avatar pampered_mom 07:34 PM 11-11-2010

The Leapfrog videos were also a big help for us.  Ds resisted just about everything else, but picked up everything he knows from the videos (which is always a bit bittersweet for me to admit).  You can get ETC's online program for $32.50 for a year through Homeschool Buyers Co-op.