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Big D's Avatar Big D 10:18 AM 11-27-2010

I really want my little guy to grow up exposed to the sounds of different languages, but living in rural Wyoming, there are not a lot of opportunities to hear it in a natural setting or practice it with anyone else.  


Does anyone have any resources they use to help their LO's learn new languages that they (the parents) aren't fluent in?   I know there are options out there like Rosetta Stone, but I'm not really sure how age appropriate that is for younger kids.  


Also, for bi-lingual families- did you find that introducing two languages (or more) at once to your LO slowed down language learning?  I worry that introducing too many languages at once can be confusing.

pigpokey's Avatar pigpokey 09:13 AM 11-28-2010

My kids started RS at 5 and 6.  Before that you can use videos, TV, audiobooks, tutors if you want.  We don't do the writing segments but they can do the rest of them.  They could read English when they started.

MissRubyandKen's Avatar MissRubyandKen 02:08 PM 11-28-2010

Not sure if you're only interested in modern languages, but I highly recommend Songschool Latin for young kids. It's fun and it primes their minds for other languages. A lot of English words are derived from Latin words. The same company makes Spanish for Children, but I'm not sure of the target audience age. I ordered it for my dd, who is a bit older. I haven't received it yet or I'd give you a review. I like the Songschool Latin though, because it begins to introduce the grammar of the language which I think is important to understanding a language and becoming fluent. I do think you might expect there to be some confusion to learning two foreign languages at once, but that's not to say that it can't be done or won't be beneficial. If there is confusion stay light and introduce more review of the confusing words, or if it becomes too much back off on one language for a month or two and try again.