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Breathless Wonder's Avatar Breathless Wonder 01:50 PM 03-28-2004
Does anyone know where I can find sample tests, or sample test questions- preferably free?

We live in a state where, by law, my child must take a standardized test at certain grade levels.

Over the next few weeks, I'd like to familiarize my child with the type of questions he will see on the test, and generally prepare him for the test format. I have found a few websites, but need more.

Thanks in advance!

stafl's Avatar stafl 01:17 PM 03-29-2004
I would probably call your local public school and ask to use their resources. You might even be able to get an outdated test to practice ahead of time.
Mothra's Avatar Mothra 01:25 PM 03-29-2004
What state do you live in?

Are you sure that the tests are required by law for your child? Most states allow excemptions for the tests. If you want your child to take them, that is one thing, but if you don't, it is worth looking into.
Breathless Wonder's Avatar Breathless Wonder 02:19 PM 03-29-2004
stafl- Thank you. I hadn't thought of that. In this state, sharing materials from the public schools is up to the discretion of the individual school district. It can't hurt to ask.

Mothra- We usually use alternative assessment, but after a certain grade, you must test every other year. We are in NY.
anythingelse's Avatar anythingelse 03:40 AM 03-30-2004
older kids college prep tests

Student Assessments
This web site has both pdf files and tests that can be done on line. The tests are aligned with their own state standards and cover math and language arts starting at Grade 3.

Math Student assessments
This web site offers pdf files for "Assesment for the California Mathematics Standards" starting with Grade 1. The tests are aligned to their own state standards.

This site has many free, practice tests.
High School, College, Bible, plus some "fun" tests :-)

COMPASS sample items
Sample test item in the COMPASS battery of tests. Has algebra, trigonometry, reading and writing.

EuroPlus+ Reward
English language placement test. The test is taken on-line and scored.

Nation's Report Card
Great. Online tests in reading, math etc. Basically for 4th, 8th and 12th grades.

what exactly are you looking for, what states exam and grade level??

Breathless Wonder's Avatar Breathless Wonder 01:52 AM 04-02-2004
Thank you.
My child would be 5th grade, and we have a choice of tests we can take.

We can take the following tests:
(i) The test shall be selected by the parent from one of the following: the Iowa Test of Basic Skills, the California Achievement Test, the Stanford Achievement Test, the Comprehensive Test of Basic Skills, the Metropolitan Achievement Test, a State Education Department test, or another test approved by the State Education Department.


One of these:
lilyka's Avatar lilyka 02:37 AM 04-02-2004
I got a basic test prep from mcgraw hill at Sams Club for $5. they are grade specific and do a good job at familarizing your child with the testing atmosphere and phrasing and fillin in the dot etc. . .

Also what you can do here is get the test, review for ir, take it or not take it and get your own. and then return the one you got from the school.
Breathless Wonder's Avatar Breathless Wonder 01:25 PM 04-05-2004