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Thanks, that was really helpful. It's out of stock on Amazon but I just happen to be in the middle of doing a big order from a local Waldorfy retailer who does have it in stock. I might add it in, especially if it will be useful for quite a few years smile.gif

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My DS will be "official" in the fall as well!  We have been somewhat structured but not school at home type structure.  Lots of hands-on and reading.  We have been very lax since my DS#2 was born in December.  I decided to go with a curriculum since my little guy will be 9 months or so and my hubby is getting laid off at the end of the month.  We are hoping he finds something soon but I have taken on more online courses to supplement which gives me less time for planning this summer.  I go the curriculum used for very cheap so I wasn't opposed to the expense.  I am very excited to have an official Kindergartener in the fall.  He would definitely be advanced if we were sending him to PS.  Despite being lax, he has picked up reading on his own.  We did phonics and sight words and he picked up the rest.  We will still work on blends/digraphs to help there and continue working on the sight words he doesn't know. Such a fun time to be a homeschooler!

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Yay! I enjoy reading what everyone is planning.


DD is officially kindy age this fall, although our state doesn't require school yet at this age.


We received all our stuff in the mail last week. We are doing SOTW for history, Horizons K, Reason for Handwriting Manuscript 1, and Science A and Core A Readalouds/Readers from Sonlight. (ETA- I was able to find some of the Sonlight books on ebay at a steep discount, almost new... woo-hoo!)

We've been using BOB books up to this point, and we'll probably continue to drag those out sometimes. DD is reading simple 3-letter words, and doing simple adding and subtracting.


I'm super excited and have been organizing our record/planner book. DD saw the box of books, and wanted to go ahead and start math a few days ago. I'm glad she's so into the math. We're just kind of working on it whenever she asks, rather than doing any kind of schedule yet.


I think we'll do year-round schooling (with some breaks here and there, of course), since I work PT and thus will only be able to do maybe 4 normal homeschool days with her each week. I already started recording what we do, even though it's not officially required yet. I just want to go ahead and get in the habit. I take pictures of some of her drawing/writing, but I suppose I need to get a file going for storing some hard copies of her work too.


I'm really excited. biggrinbounce.gif

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Side note- What kind of activities are everyone's kids doing, if any?


Our budget is pretty limited, but I plan to sign DD up for once-a-week karate this fall. She does a (free) kids' church program once a week for most of the year. That's all for now. We're kinda rural, so the gas costs alone would eat us alive if she were in a lot of activities each week. (Although I do want to get involved with the local homeschool coop this fall too- I've heard that they do HS gym and HS skate).

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Originally Posted by major_mama11 View Post

Side note- What kind of activities are everyone's kids doing, if any?

I took DS skiing a few times toward the end of the winter, and he liked it, so I'll probably get a pass for him this winter and try to take him about once a week, like I've been doing with his big sister.  We'll probably go ice skating pretty often, too.  The ice rink near us usually has a homeschool skating time once or twice a week.  He'll probably want to do soccer in the fall.  I'm hoping I can get him to take swimming lessons, but so far he hasn't wanted to.


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Thanks for the welcome. :)


Major_Mama- My DD takes dance classes once a week and we're hoping to be involved with a homeschooling group as well. It just needs to get off the ground first. There's also a preschool (3-5) nature group that happens at a nature center near us that I'd like to start bringing her to when it starts again this fall.  

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major_mama11 - we'll be using sonlight K (a very nice person is letting me use their old set) with the K science too (now it's called Core A and has a few different books).  I'm interested in the Reason for Handwriting too, but haven't bought it yet.  Want to see it.  I'm still figuring out what to buy. :)


DD is in dance and will probably do it again next year.  There is a dance/nutcracker thing in the fall that she'll probably do.  Also, I'm thinking of starting music lessons - suzuki violin if it isn't too crazy expensive.  Then she and DS (2 years younger) could both do it.



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our K plan:

Sonlight K with Readers 1 (already did readers/LA K this year in preschool), Explode the code (currently on book 1), Hooked on Phonics (he may be beyond this already, not sure, but I bought it used from someone and I'm going to see if it will work for us), Math U See (Alpha), Horizons Math 1 (yes, 2 math programs, I couldnt decide, and since we are planning to school year-round, there is plenty of time to do both and see which we like better for 1st grade), Ordinary Parents Guide to teaching reading (currently on lesson 83), Draw Write Now for art, handwriting without tears.  Not sure about PE, but I did buy Homeschool Family Fitness, so I'll see if we can use that....if not, we have a Wii...not sure if there are any other options since I am due with #4 this fall (and all of my kids are under 6), and I dont drive in the winter here.  He will attend sunday school, AWANA at church, a homeschool co-op on Friday afternoons for 6 weeks, and my MOPS group on Tuesdays has a special room/class for homeschoolers since there is so many of them in our group.

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Hi everyone! We're kindy this fall too, and I've finally made up my mind that we're homeschooling. So I'm brand new to this and haven't had time to figure it all out yet.  Thanks to everyone here for such great ideas - it's helping me figure out how to do this whole thing.
I've filed my intent to homeschool because I'm entering him in a fall enrichment program with the district.  My son really has his heart set on public school, and he did preschool this past year, so it's a good compromise to start with. Once a week, 7 hours. offers spanish infused curriculum which I'm super excited about (him too), and it offers science, communications, p.e., music, art, all that fun stuff.  lunch, recess. So he gets a taste of school without it taking over both of our lives. And it starts an hour later than the regular school. :) Hoping we'll find like-minded people there. But if not, there's LOTS of groups we could join otherwise.

I'm starting my schooling now, and that is my intention - year round - with breaks whenever we need them.  I don't want him to feel like I'm cramming stuff down his throat and I don't want it to feel so unnatural - the learning, but I also want to keep him on par with what he *should* be learning in terms of public school. So it will be tricky because after preschool he's become pretty resistant to any intentional schooling. And he doesn't like to work on it for very long.

So anyway, at the moment, I'm making use of all the free online resources - namely, flash cards, calenders, worksheets, letter books, etc.  Scissor skills, glue. He's really into making up a story and having me write it down, or writing a song.  I'm going to start working on high frequency word flash cards.  He really wants to read, and I'm trying to get him there. He knows most of his sounds, but still doesn't have it down perfectly, nor does he recognize all of the lower case alphabet perfectly.  He does write his letters pretty well though.

The main subjects I think I'll be working on this summer are reading and writing, calender, telling time, and nature study.  I'm going to get a big folder and start keeping track of our daily learnings, not because I have to, but because I think it would be a good thing to do. I intend to get story books from the library to teach him history, mythology, religion, etc., but that's not my main focus right now.  He also gets lots of lessons in gardening and plant medicine. Even though I intend to develop an intentional nature study, he already interacts with it and learns about it on a daily basis.

I want to provide him an outlet for using tools and building things (for real). Haven't figured that out yet. But it would be really important to my boy. I'd like his grandfather to help with this... but it looks like I'm going to have to be the one. I'd like to have one project a week, ideally.

We have one of those little kids pianos that teaches how to play by letter and color. He works on this at least once or twice a day all on his own. He's really taken to it.  :)  Also I want to teach him how to read and play music for the harmonica as well.

He's in karate and tumbling for now.  

One thing I love about homeschooling, is that he gets to participate in all the life skills. Buying food, cooking, cleaning, laundry, watering plants, yardwork, taking care of animals, etc. This teaches real self-sufficiency and the love of it, and I think it's equally important to brainwork.

Still need to organize my curriculum more, get a nature journal and some identification books... but this is where I'm at now.

Nice to meet you all :)

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So DH and I just decided that we're going to go on a week long camping trip this September. It's a joint birthday present for us, but part of it is sort of the thrill of taking a trip when ds "should" be in school. He is very into hiking, climbing and guide books so that's where we'll focus his learning. Everything from creating packing lists, keeping track of animals, tracks, plants and rocks, family trip journals, maps, and outdoor skills. As well as what ever else gets thrown our way!!

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Dd turns 5 this September so we'll be offically doing Kindy this year too.   Technically she would go to Pre-K because her birthday is after the cutoff for K.  We don't have to start reporting till next year though (rule is child turns 6 during school year, which would be next year for her) We are going to continue working on her level, which is all over the place.  Here is my Master Plan that I am working on, it's not completed yet.  And while it looks all formal, it's not

all, this is for my record keeping and that is it.  We do everything informally, there is no sit at desk and do school-time.  She loves to do all these things.  The (school) textbooks I picked up from thrift stores just for the heck of it.  We basically read the pages together and most of the time I'm thinking about how dumb downed the books are.   

ETA:  ok, so technically it looks like we're doing grade 1 this year, but she'll be only 5.  I don't know how this is supposed to work, if we're homeschooling and the reason is so that she can work on her level, but her age and birthday says she should be in prek in public school, but k age really, but working on first grade. So what grade is she in?  why is this so confusing, lol?


Master Plan

Math:  Miquon Orange Book, MacMillan Math text grade 1, Time4learning

Reading (alone): whatever level she is at
Literature (read alouds): Magic Tree House series +, Storytime @ library weekly
Language Arts (grammar, phonics, spelling):  Time4learning

Social Science:  Harcourt Brace Social Studies text grade 1, Macmillan People and Neighborhoods text grade 1, Stories from around the world Usborne


Science:  Nature Classes at Rotary Park 2x/mth, Harcourt Science Text grade 1

Play/Social/Physical Ed:  weekly homeschool group, park play, weekly ballet class, bike riding, beach, etc.

Art:  Usborne Art Treasury, Art Ideas Usborne



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