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beckington's Avatar beckington 05:53 AM 05-12-2011

Hi! 7yo ds would like to start a blog. It will probably mostly be about Lego at first, heh. I'm looking for blogs by other kids - thought it would be nice for ds to see what other kids are up to and to have blogs he can read, comment on, etc. Does your child blog? Please share if so! :)

elizawill's Avatar elizawill 11:25 AM 05-12-2011

my daughter made a website when she was 7 (she's 9 1/2 now).  honestly, she hasn't used it since she was 7, but it still exists - we've just never got around to deleting it. it isn't a blog per se, but she had fun making it and it was very easy for her.





AAK's Avatar AAK 05:22 PM 05-12-2011

My dd(11) has a website because she sells her duct tape creations.  So far she only sells locally, but people come to her site to see prices and what she has to offer.  We did have to call the host site (yola) because she is not yet 13.  I had to confirm that I was her mother and would be monitoring her use.  She is in the process of getting better pictures, but here is the web address:



moominmamma's Avatar moominmamma 11:23 AM 05-13-2011

My kids all have blogs. They use them to communicate with our umbrella school about what they're learning, and the older three all have them set to "private." Over the years they've had other blogs ... creative writing blogs, computer game fan blogs, hobby blogs of various sorts. 


My 8-year-old keeps her blog public because she's not yet got the self-consciousness her older siblings have. She started it when she was four and it's a delightful chronicle of her journey to literacy. One of her first posts was entitled "ias creem tiam" (ice cream time). She thinks her old posts are hilarious now.



dotnetdiva's Avatar dotnetdiva 05:14 PM 05-14-2011

My DD6 has an author account on our homeschooling blog, as she loves to write and learned to type this spring. I will probably be giving her her own blog pretty soon.


Hehe, I can see her blog also showing pictures of her kitty and Barbies. :)


How cool that there are other young children who blog, thanks for sharing! Maybe I'll start up her blog sooner than planned.

beckington's Avatar beckington 01:59 PM 05-15-2011

Thanks everyone for sharing! Ds's new blog is


Miranda, he just left a comment on Fiona's blog! :)

ohiomommy1122's Avatar ohiomommy1122 04:30 PM 05-31-2011

here is my 10 yr old sons he would love some followers