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maizy's Avatar maizy 02:08 PM 06-03-2011

I'm looking to talk to homeschool families in El Dorado or Placer County. Does anyone know of a group called Horizon Charter Schools?


Is there another board you might direct me to? Thanks in advance.


Venia's Avatar Venia 01:11 PM 06-06-2011

Hello there!  We are nearby!  My kids are still young (eldest 3 1/2), but we have already looked and asked around at our local options.  I did have a hard time finding large groups the further up the hill I looked. However, I recently found a large group called "Folsom Homeschoolers" that is all inclusive . We plan on joining in the fall or sooner as all my DD's friends will be starting at their preschools.


On my hunt I did find this nice list as well:


As for Horizon, I have only heard good things about them from the few families I have spoken to. It sounds like a public-school-at-home type of option with more freedom than the district associated umbrellas.  The families I talked to had pulled their middle school children from the local school and it sounded like it was a very easy transition for them. 

maizy's Avatar maizy 10:47 PM 06-06-2011

Hi, Thanks! I found Folsom Homeschoolers and hope to meet some like minded people.


AJP's Avatar AJP 11:33 PM 06-07-2011

Sent you a PM about this, we're nearby also.

westslope's Avatar westslope 03:14 AM 08-01-2011

Hello, I have the exact same question as the OP!