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Does anyone have any experience hiring a private tutor instead of doing the homeschooling yourself? I think I'd be an awful teacher. I lack the patience, and have other things I'd rather be doing with my time. I'm willing to pay for a good teacher, though. If you've done this, how did it work out for you?


I'm doubling up the questions for efficiency, so here's question two: has anyone ever created their own homeschooling community school? I'm thinking of rounding up one or two more kids and having all the parents chip in toward paying the tutor. I think this could be a great thing, so if you'd done this (or if you've homeschooled other kids with your own), please fill me in on downsides.



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I am currently looking for a math tutor for my daughter. I love homeschooling, but I have dyscalculia and can't teach math because I don't understand it! Which is a terrible shame, because math is my daughter's favorite subject, and she'd do it all day long if she could.


Creating a homeschool community is possible, but there are also charter schools from home out there, some of which offer in-school classes some of the time. Many homeschool coops meet once a week or so, and organize some classes. I haven't heard of a format where, for instance, each parent teaches one subject to all of the kids in a coop, but if you have a group that is on board, that could work nicely I guess.


I see you're in the UK - that makes things a bit different. I am not sure what kind of options you have over there, legally and in terms of charter schools.

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Did you ever find out more information on this?  My husband and I have been talking about trying to arrange something like this too where we live.

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Hi there,

I've homeschooled even from the "beginning."  I've added/hired/delegated subject areas to others, primarily to round out my children's lives and to get time to exercise and keep up with paperwork, etc.


Here's what I've done:


Hired an art tutor.  He's an artist and art instructor I met when we took a "mommy and me" art class through our art museum.  He's also now doing science experiments with the kids.  1.5 to 2.5 hrs/week


Delegated organic gardening and birding to my Mom.  3-4 hrs/week



Send the girls to a "nature based mentoring" outdoor program one half-day a week.



Me.  I also delegate/ask my husband to do projects like play math bingo, help set up a tadpole fish tank, hike, etc...


What I'm really currently missing is someone who is musical to take that bit...


Hope this helps, happy to answer any questions!

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I have considered hiring a tutor to supplement. I'm not sure about where you live but in NC I believe it is illegal to homeschool another person's child. Teaching children other than your own requires you file as a private school. Definitely look into your state laws before making any decisions.

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