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Friends, especially for my prickly nearly 8 yo.

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Wow-- this is so similar to me, except that now my oldest really DOES need that small group of friends-- or even just one-- that she can count on, more than I do.  While she did not need this at a younger age (her siblings were enough), she does now.  I understand where you are coming from in so many aspects.


My oldest just decided to go back to school, and researching all of our options for social opportunities, I agree with her decision.  There are things I had planned for her to get involved in, but I am not sure they would really amount to anything.  Not to say school will either .  . .but I think she needs a break from her siblings, esp. since she's getting one more this winter.

Originally Posted by rootzdawta View Post

For the longest time, I thought my biggest concern was finding a group of friends for my sons who they see on a consistent basis.  I wanted them to have a get-together they look forward to every week.  Now I realize I need that for them and for myself.  I need real-life support--especially since this is more "my" thing than my husband's (he wouldn't mind sending them to the local public school).   I'm holding my breath hoping that since no secular co-ops or groups exist that me and a recent acquaintance can maybe start one.  I've tried in the past and people have been ridiculously flaky or non-communicative.  I hope this time around, it works.


I'm also concerned about making my vision for what I want homeschooling to achieve come to reality by taking little steps everyday.  I want my kids to love learning and so I have to work on my patience and creativity to make it a beautiful experience that they are not reluctant about.  


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I have two concerns:


One is that I suspect our five year old has childhood apraxia of speech- and we have no health insurance to get her checked out or to pay for speech therapy- she understands communication perfectly well but often appears to struggle with getting the words out- stutters and repeats words multiple times in a sentence before moving on to the next and sometimes sounds like she has an accent. Order of words in sentences is sometimes jumbled.  She's often told me that her mouth doesn't work right.  I'm concerned that we won't be able to provide her with what she needs to improve in that area, getting her help, and then being accused of neglect or something.  Hopefully Healthy Kids can do something with paying for a speech language pathologist.


My other concern I'm sure is pretty normal- just making sure that everything necessary is learned.  There's so much to cover!

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That when they are 18-ish yrs old they have gained enough knowledge, life experiences, social skills and self confidence to go out into the world and live a happy productive and positive life. And that by hsing and not schooling, they are not "weird". What I mean is that although I think a person that is a product of hsing is a much more interesting person..... if all the people they will spend their life with are products of schooling, then the will be the odd one....

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My concern has more to do with how my personal parenting style will evolve and affect my kids. I am a grown homeschooler, and I think I am still wrestling with the intense connection I had with my own parents. I had(as child/teen) and still have a good relationship with them, but I worry sometimes that I will become such a huge figure in my own childrens' lives. It's hard to be mom/teacher/maid all day and not feel...omnipresent in their lives at times, haha...but I think I'm dealing with this concern by adopting an unschooling mentality and letting go of alot of things that I "should" have control over. I'm instead focusing on childhood as a whole, trying to focus on enjoying the process as a whole, and also letting go of anxiety about it. Kids feel anxiety, they're like little barometers of family happiness, so I'm taking more cues from them, smiling when they smile, laughing when they laugh. It pretty much dissolves any homeschooling anxiety for me when I do that.
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My biggest concern is finding time for everything.  I have lots of ideas for cool stuff I can do with the kids (and we do lots of cool stuff), but I also need to fit in part-time paying work, housework, and yard work (garden, wood-cutting, etc.)  When I compare what we actually do for homeschooling with what we could do if I didn't have to do anything else, it can be a little frustrating.

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My concern is my son making friends. I'm part of a moms group, although I have a tough time making friends myself so I get uncomfortable at playdates. My son, on the other hand, is quite social. So my concern is making sure that he's in enough classes and groups outside of the home, and also getting him a sibling so he has a friend close in age ASAP! :P

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so many of our dearest friends have put their kids in school now that we are in the middle school years,  I am hoping to make it out into larger groups again.  my oldest has some social anxiety and is worried about not seeing friends.  my youngest is behind by quite a bit for grade level.  will the house ever be really organized and easy?  am I really doing the best for my kids?

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DH and I both work full time, and typically more than 40 hours per week. And he travels some of the time for work, so it's just me 2-3 evenings many weeks. DD is currently only 14 months and we have a nanny at home. Homeschooling would mean continuing to employ a nanny long-term and splitting the schooling between the nanny and the time that we are home in the evenings and on the weekends. That's a much more expensive proposition than private school, though we could swing it if we decided we were very dedicated to that goal. However, I already feel that I have no time "off" and am looking forward to DD being older and more independent. If all the non-work time is spent homeschooling, then what time is there left to just relax?

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Originally Posted by Mizelenius View Post

My #1 concern is finding more friends for my girls that they can see on a regular basis in an unstructured way.

No real luck! I could easily get them into tons of structured activities, but have found that while they make friends quickly there, the friendships do not translate to beyond the activities themselves.

We will be joining a co-op this fall but it is far. All of the local ones are very heavily fundamentalist Christian-based, and we do not fit in there.

Ditto. Ditto, ditto, ditto! Also, the finances aspect since it has been hard to afford these extra activities. My third concern is my patients! I hope that my son and I will continue to work well throughout our years as a homeschooling family.
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I'm concerned that they won't be prepared for the real world.  They do have required assignments and chores, so they are used to working, but they still have tons of free time & set their own agenda to a large extent, and I worry it will be a shock when they get into a real 8+ hr a day job or rigorous college schedule.  School, at least, would get them up and out the door by 8 and they wouldn't have any choice but to stay put for the duration of the day.  But they have been in school and were so depressed there, the other kids were really rotten towards them and they were so stressed and unhappy.


I also worry that being around a worn out SAHM (me!) all day is not the best example for them... at least at school they were surrounded by professional women, the teachers for the most part were amazing people, really committed and motivated.  I thought they were great role models for my girls.  I enjoy being a SAHM but worry a lot for my daughters.

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It all comes down to organization, about learning experiences, about our home businesses, about the house. It is so easy to get caught up in just what we are doing now and not looking at how to do the other things that need to happen for homeschooling to continue (mainly making enough money). I guess it really is the money thing first since it is has been the most difficult to deal with.

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