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Mere's Avatar Mere 01:05 PM 08-30-2011

I'm interested in using copywork as a method for teaching language arts, handwriting, and spelling all in one :-).  Does anyone have any great sources for copywork?  I'm looking for secular text that would be appropriate for a 2nd and 4th grader. 



OTMomma's Avatar OTMomma 02:29 PM 08-30-2011
Have you looked at "writing with ease"?
Mere's Avatar Mere 02:55 PM 08-30-2011

Yes, I have considered Writing with Ease, but it seems so scripted...I do, however, like the copywork component! 



SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 10:34 PM 08-30-2011

you can make your own worksheets. Software can be purchased from and

Red Pajama's Avatar Red Pajama 05:43 AM 08-31-2011

My boys are younger than your children. I've been using  the nursery rhymes book Pocket Full of Posies 


We also use non-fiction books that interest them-- so there might be facts of dinosaurs or space to copy.  Shel Silverstein poems (or other poems as interest your family) would be another good place to look.

Reebekah's Avatar Reebekah 07:50 PM 08-31-2011

I got my son the Draw Write Now set .....mainly for drawing....but now he's using it for the copywork too....he enjoys being able to staple something he wrote to something he drew

umsami's Avatar umsami 02:53 PM 09-01-2011

Just use what you like.  We've done parts from favorite stories, science facts, character building quotes, Shel Silverstein poems, etc.  You can make free worksheets at the zaner bloser website too. :)