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BellaClaudia's Avatar BellaClaudia 08:40 PM 10-04-2011

I would appreciate any reviews of the starfall reading curriculum, the one that comes as a package, called "morestarfall". What did you like or dislike about it, what was usefull and what was not. Any other thoughts?

MCsMom's Avatar MCsMom 11:18 PM 10-04-2011

we have a subscription to the morestarfall.com - like 30 bucks for a year I think - personally, my kids like it (4 and 6) and I got it last year when they introduced it, I don't think I will be renewing it however.  I would not consider it a 'curriculum' however.  Maybe if you sat down with the kid and only let them do it in a specific order or something.  I just think of it as a fairly non-commercial and 'safe' sigh - as in no ads to lead to other sites that I will let me kids do when they want to.  If you actually want your kids to learn phonics I would suggest explode the code on-line, I have not used the site myself but have heard good things about it.  We have used the books.