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DH and I have both expressed an interest in homeschooling DS, though I'm pretty certain I'd be the primary teacher.  I currently work second shift, and I will be on the same schedule for the forseeable future.  I work 6 days on then 3 off, with 8 hour shifts.  DH works midnights, 4 on and 2 off, also 8 hr shifts.


Assuming nothing changes by next year...  On my work days DS and I have about 6 hours in the morning together before he goes to his grandma's.  And DH gets up early on his days off, so he spends the entire afternoon and evening with DS on his days off, and DS stays home instead of going to Grandma's.  Now that I'm writing this out, it seems like we have loads of time!  And I'm pretty sure we could HS on this arrangement through the primary grades.  We don't plan on starting anything for at least a year, and even for a long while after that it will be very go-with-the-flow and not at all regimented.


I know that we can make it work.  But all of the HSing mamas I know are SAHMs...  I guess I'm just looking for stories of BTDT and advice to make it all go smoothly.  


Thanks in advance for any insights!

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Haven't BTDT, but it sounds doable.  I think in your situation it's going to require a good amount of organization and communication on who is teaching what on what days. 

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Since March, dh has worked his normal hours: 8am to 5pm and I've worked 10pm to 7am 4-5 days a week, with the occasional birth (unpredictable, obviously). We're homeschooling four children; 11, 8, 6 and 4.


It's not ideal, I'd rather have more time in the afternoon/evening when I'm not sleeping (I should be sleeping now), but it works for us right now.

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I work full time in the summer and variable hours during the school year (15 to 40 a week).  My husband works from home and does some of the home schooling one or two days a weeks.  He also does some of the extracurriculars.  We have one nine year old.  


It was doable for the first two years and actually went very well.  But, I am burnt out at this point.  It is partly related to job stress and the fact I juggle three jobs and the home schooling.  I am quitting one of my jobs and seriously scaling back my hours at the other two jobs.  Don't underestimate how stressful it can be in the long term.  

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How long is he at grandma's? And, would she be willing to cooperate with you to make this plan work?

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I think this is very doable, especially if you are interested in a relaxed/eclectic or unschooling approach.  But even if you're looking at a more structured curriculum, I think it could work.  For three years, we had a babysitter who took over as "homeschooling facilitator" every Friday so I could work on my writing projects.  I'd just brief her on those mornings about what we'd all agreed were priorities for the day.  I think the most important thing is for you, dh, and grandma to agree on the philosophy/approach you'll be using.   If, for example, you don't want to push early reading, it might be really frustrating if grandma started your four-year-old on structured phonics.  Or, conversely, if it's important to you that your child does certain workbook pages, and grandma sees those as optional, that could create tension.


Good luck with your decision!

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