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Anyone do project-based homeschooling (a la Camp Creek blog)

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I've been reading the Camp Creek blog ( for a few months and am very interested in adopting some of its approach in our lives. I was wondering if anyone here uses this and, if so, how it's gone for you? What's worked, what hasn't?



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I've been doing some of this without having a name for it. My son is deeply interested in dinosaurs and we've been researching them at every moment for about 9 months. This has spawned a book he's making of his dino research, fossil hunting trips, trips to museums etc. 


After looking around the site a bit, I am really intrigued by the method and may be implementing more of it in our home. 

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Hi there,


I aspire to be project-based.  I think there is an incredible richness in approaching learning this way.  My children are very young, so their attention to a specific topic can be easily distracted (by me, seasons, holidays, colds, grandparents, etc.). 


We have been project-based with live animals we have found along the way (birds, insects, frogs, butterflies, etc.) and this has seemed really age appropriate for 4-5 year olds.  It is astounding to me what I have personally learned from this approach. Note that we attempt to 1) keep any animal alive and not endanger it in any way for the sake of learning 2) make a habitat for it based on its natural habitat (yes, we have lugged gallons and gallons of streamwater up and down trails to let the tadpoles have "native" water) and 3) we return the animal to its EXACT location where we found it when we feel it's time.   


Somehow giving a living being space in our home also makes space for project-based learning.  There is something to be said for making a "project space" which does not get "cleaned up" or put away.  (Note:  we live in 1100 sq. ft, so space is at a premium--it takes a LOT of discipline for me to allow projects to take up space/be messy/be in progress for days/weeks/months on end--and that is MY problem that I need to work through).   


Also, my kids are more apt to stay tuned to a project when they have lots of time.  If I over-schedule us, the projects suffer.  Time  is a big need--to be specific, unstructured time is a big need for project-based learning.


I think this approach is wonderful...and I have a lot of practicing to do to hone my skills as a mentor for this!


Any other thoughts anyone?

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hi. :)


sorry to revive an old thread, but i wanted to tell you that the camp creek blog moved to our new site:


we also have a forum now, so there’s quite a bit of support for people who are interested in exploring project-based homeschooling. :)



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I just learned about your blog today, on The Right Side of Normal Facebook group!

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i’ll have to check that out! :)

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Thank you for reviving the thread. I love that site and have gotten some great ideas and good advice there.
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