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So my son took off with the readingeggs.com that was recommended to me by a friend.   He really really enjoys it and goes on completely of his own accord for hours at a time, and is now reading (by Christmas was his goal, and he's pretty much met it. He's not fully fluent yet, but he's reading everywhere we go, so he's close) He's nearly finished, and I'd like to find another program to direct him to. He liked timeforlearning.com (might not have that exactly right) but I thought it was really boring, and found the content dull. Sooooooo if anyone can recommend an online program that is goal based, where the child can progress through levels - any subject really. He just really enjoys being completely in control of his learning, tho we do some lessons together, but I can't keep up with his drive to be honest.  He has a delay in fine motor abilities, and can't work at his level in workbooks, because he can't do the writing. SO anyone have any awesome sites to recommend?


He's nine years old btw - and has quite a lot of sensory processing struggles.  I'm quite content to let him keep the written work to a bare minimum for now, as I know that it'll come in time.  In the mean time tho, he's driven, and I'm always looking for ways to help him keep moving forward in his preferred way.

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I'm Subbing to this one, I have a 5 yr olds Aspie who does really well with computer stuff, but not so with paperwork. Interested to see what others recommend!

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Is the Kahn Academy something that would appeal to him?

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Are there any particular subjects he is wanting to study ?


Brainpop has video lessons in a lot of different subjects, and there are quizzes to go with them.  He could watch the lessons and then test himself with the hardest quiz.


For math, IXL has skill tests you can take and keep track of which skills you have mastered.  IXL does not include any lessons.  Math Whizz has onscreen animated lessons and then gives you quizzes and keeps track of your progress.


You might check out http://www.onlineg3.com/  and see if there are any courses there he might enjoy.  He may be too young for them still but they might be something too look into when he is ready for them.

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Reading Eggs has a program for older kids called Reading Eggspress.  He could move on to reading eggpress next. 

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If you might be interested in a math program, DreamBox is one that is similar to Reading Eggs in many ways. Students are assessed when they first sign-up and the games are set to work at their level and grow with them. There are several different worlds for players to explore, and if a player is like my daughter and loves one area in particular, the game will allow the player to continue in on area, changing the program as they build skills. The program offers a variety of different goals and also features stories that are unlocked through completing levels and gaining skill. DB offers a fourteen day free trial period and like RE, provides a parent dashboard so that you may monitor your child's progress.


My daughter has graduated from the first section of RE to Reading Eggspress and has been enjoying this level of the game just as much as the first. I appreciate the continued reinforcement of learned skills and the cultivation of new provided by this next level. 


ETA: Here is a link to DB http://www.dreambox.com/




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My 5yo daughter, who loves readingeggs, also loves dreambox for math.  We've also just found a program called K5learning.com - it's a little pricy, but there's a 2-week free trial.  The games seem nice so far, and they seem to offer lots of personal support too.  It has math and reading.  My daughter really enjoyed the assessments, and it placed her at early grade 1 in both subjects, which is right where I would have said, so it seems to be on track.  


When your son is a little more advanced he might like Teaching Textbooks for math.  I think their earliest level is grade 3.  It's not online, but it is computer-based.  Even later, there's LiveOnline Math which my 13yo son is really enjoying... it starts with "pre-pre-algebra".


He might also get a kick out of things like Science Jim.  He hosts online science classes that are really fun.  

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I wrote this post just a few days ago for another thread entirely, so it doesn't match up with your son's needs in terms of sensory processing and fine motor, but I DO think it would be perfect for him. I've had kids with those issues excel at it, if they love the computer. I sincerely do hope you look into it! I use it with all my students, who are struggling readers for one reason or another. A couple have the same issues your child does. Forgive the slightly off-focus stuff--I simply don't have time to write a fresh description for the next week or so. :/


I suspect he'd love it, if he loves being on the computer. My students do!


Previous post:



As a reading teacher for struggling readers (along with my full class of students) for over twenty years, I'm honestly sure that Read, Write and Type is the best program in existence for helping children read. I'm including children of many ages, abilities and backgrounds. 


Even gifted kids can benefit, and it is definitely helpful for struggling readers. As freebie extras, it also teaches keyboarding and writing at the same time! I provide it to every child I work with online. 


97% of my students over the years truly enjoy it. Not "to learn to read phonics," but because it's fun. Most kids can do it on their own for ten minutes day without any help, or any length of time ou wish, if you oversee just enough to make sure that your kid is actually using the fingers designated in the program. 


It connects the eyes, the ears and touch—YAY! AT LAST!— with reading, which is a phenomenal and fabulous connection to make. It really cements in the understanding of the phonemes or sounds, especially in the early years. The kinesthetic or tactile learning is completely missing from any free or paid programs I've tried. I don't like to use the free ones for anything, because the writing level is actually very poor. (My opinion.)


I ask my parents to have their child spend 10 minutes a day, and it works wonders with children at many different reading levels, if they need some support.


If it interests you, you can read about it in any depth you like at their website. I have loved it for 15 years, and they just keep making it better. :)


Side note: I offer it for $10 less than the price they charge, if your budget is tight. Their price is $35, mine is $25—identical program. I consider it an exceptional value, and I truly don't care if you buy it from me or not, so this isn't a sales pitch! Honest. Because I recommend it to so many of my parents who need help on various issues, but can't afford my services, I get a discount, which I pass along. The only downside is that I don't have any way to instantly send you your password if you forget it. You need to keep it somewhere really safe, OFF the computer. Or wait for me to check my email sometime before or after all my students, or the next day. I know I'm used to immediacy online with that kind of thing, but I'm not tech savvy enough to provide it! That's a real drawback to saving the ten bucks! 


The program is fantastic whether saving the $10 from me or getting it from their site. It's worth every penny. Either way, I recommend it without reservation. I'm fine with someone trying it for a week before they decide, if you want to go the cheaper route. You can contact me if you'd like the discount. Please know this isn't a sales tactic creepy thing. I'm just passing it along. I'd like to see it in all schools and home schools! (But I'm a dedicated fan.) ;)



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Hi Skiesmama - have you tried K5Learning.com?  We use it with our daughter who's now in grade 3 and she's been using the program for a couple of years.  K5 Reading, I believe, is curricula-based learning and they have a cool spelling program, called K5 Spelling.  I think they offer a 14-day free trial.

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