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idaismyname's Avatar idaismyname 07:00 PM 04-15-2004
Hi I used to read Mango Mamma's and another online journal of a homeschool family. I loved getting ideas and other inspirations from reading the day to day happenings of a homeschooling family. Both my former favorite sites are gone now. Does anyone else enjoy those and know of any good ones. Thanks so much

moominmamma's Avatar moominmamma 07:33 PM 04-16-2004
I love this sort of "day in the life" thing, too. I wish I could find a blog I love to read on an ongoing basis. I created my own, which alas isn't daily, but I thought it would be useful for me to document stuff for my own reassurance, and also maybe it would once in a while serve others' needs. It's here:

moominmamma's unschooling blog

I'd love to hear about others.

idaismyname's Avatar idaismyname 10:16 AM 04-18-2004
Thanks Your blog is very inspirational and interesting - I'm sure I'll check back again.
Andrea_R's Avatar Andrea_R 07:53 PM 04-19-2004
*ahem* ME!

And I also run a webring for homeschooling bloggers. (I hope I can post this link) So far, it's got 29 active members, all of varying styles, beliefs and methods.

edited to add:
GAH! Sorry! I just figured out I somehow have 2 usernames, one from long ago. THis is the old one. I'm also atypicalandrea and my real website is here
bugsmomma's Avatar bugsmomma 11:00 PM 04-19-2004
Its rather quiet at the moment since unfortunatly I have been a the office lately rather than working at home. Sigh. This too shall pass....
atypicalandrea's Avatar atypicalandrea 09:17 AM 04-20-2004
Hey bugsmama! I remember you!
carrots's Avatar carrots 02:34 PM 04-20-2004
I used to read Mango Mama too. I 'll check out all the links--thanks for posting
bugsmomma's Avatar bugsmomma 08:14 PM 04-21-2004
Hi there atypical... I was looking at your blog and thinking to myself that you are on my favs list!