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walkinbluesmama's Avatar walkinbluesmama 10:29 AM 04-27-2012

My DH and I are considering home schooling, but have plenty of time to make this decision as our oldest is just over 2 yrs old and we are patiently (HA!) awaiting baby number 2 who should arrive any day now.


DH is pretty much all for it, but I have my reservations and feel like I just don't have enough information to make an informed decision yet.  We are just starting to scratch the surface of researching this issue and thought I would reach out for recommendations.


Do any of you have any resources, particularly books or journal articles, that would show both benefit and potential disadvantages to home schooling and/or  "unschooling"?  Although I very much value the opinions and experiences of families, I am also curious to see how much research based information is out there too.


Thank you so much of your help!!

AAK's Avatar AAK 04:10 PM 04-27-2012

I really enjoyed this:


I am sure others can link you to more research style stuff. . . 



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