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mamayogibear's Avatar mamayogibear 06:01 PM 04-27-2012

I have always regretted not learning a second language. I would like to introduce my kids to either Spanish or French. Aside from reading simple library books (which I barely understand) what could I do to help them pick up a few words? I'm considering trying to find some educational cartoons to watch together.


FrenchieExpat's Avatar FrenchieExpat 08:07 PM 04-27-2012



I'm french so maybe I can help you.

I can scanne some of Callie's book (my daughter).She is 2and a half.

We also have some comics and book.

We have some DVD but France and USA are not in the same area.

Just let me a PM if you're interested.

SweetSilver's Avatar SweetSilver 08:29 PM 04-27-2012

Books, yes, we do those.  We also like to sing songs.  Raffi has songs in French on his albums.  My favorite "Les Zombies et Les Loupes Garou" (I know that sp is wrong).  I don't speak French , so forgive my spelling.  Speaking of, Usbourne has internet support for the pronunciation in our favorite books "My First Thousand Words in.....".  Good thing because they decided they wanted the French book!  So mama is learning to speak French.  Now I can sing "Allouette" and pronounce things correctly.  Still working on that French "r".  It still sounds too much like my German "r".  Rrrrrrrrrr!


In Spanish you can learn "Los Pollitos", which among other places is on Elizabeth Mitchell's (did I remember her name righ?t) album.  Dan Zanes has a few on his.  Do you need to know what exactly you are singing?  Probably not.  I am impressed at my girls' very Spanish sounding gibberish.  They have the basic sound structure down pat.  Christmas songs come in all kinds of languages, if you celebrate.  Then there is world music.  


I am a believer that learning for little kids doesn't necessarily need to come in even, progressive increments.

FrenchieExpat's Avatar FrenchieExpat 08:41 PM 04-27-2012

I have some cd with songs for my daughter I can copy this for you if you're interested

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