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Just1More's Avatar Just1More 07:33 PM 05-06-2012

We are unschoolers, but do have to do a year end test/evaluation.


Dh feels it's best for us to do a test so we have written proof of something.  We move/travel a lot, and the lack of proof of schooling could be an issue at times.  So, besides our current state's requirement, it's a way to cover us in the future.


I don't intend to "teach to the test".  I don't have time's Wednesday!  But, I was wondering what sorts of things were on it. 


What are first graders expected to know?



cheery's Avatar cheery 06:35 AM 05-07-2012

Do you make up the test yourself? Or will the school / county give you something to administer at home, or does your child have to go somewhere and take the test?


Maryland has put up their curriculum here:

You can find the details of what is taught in each grade, each subject  - for example, 1


The have sample tests online for some of the subjects, and some of the grades.   If your child will be taking a particular test, you should practice it once or twice so s/he is used to the style of questions.  My daughter did not like the multiple choice questions (or rather, the answer options) and usually wrote in her own option and circled it.  She also had problems with the open ended ones and stated her views on them as well.


onatightrope's Avatar onatightrope 10:44 AM 05-07-2012

If you went with the CAT you could look through it before you gave it to her, and that would be an easy way to find out what exactly they expect her to know, but there's a pretty good list of what it tests here:


If you're definitely doing the Stanford, the best explanation of what the test includes is here:

Just1More's Avatar Just1More 03:09 PM 05-08-2012

Thanks for the help!


It turns out that it isn't the sat, it's the ktea.  The ktea is a mostly oral, and much more relaxed.  I'm really glad about that because dd hasn't had much in the way of formal stuff, and the form confuses her.  If you can talk to her, you can see how much she knows, and how deep the thought process is. 

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