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lovelyalaska's Avatar lovelyalaska 12:33 PM 05-07-2012

I have enrolled my daughter in the K12 program for next year. She will be going into the 2nd grade. This seems like a great program. I am just wondering if their are any other moms here that already have experience with the K12 program and if you have any advice?

lovelyalaska's Avatar lovelyalaska 12:51 PM 05-07-2012

*Choosing* I guess I should learn how to spell before I become my child's "learning coach". Lol.

octobermom's Avatar octobermom 02:37 PM 05-07-2012

my DD did k12 for 1/2 a semester in Second grade and almost the complete first semester of third grade.. School wise its a good program very complete. It was also a good transation from in school to an at home program. Our love of it stopped there though. It was way too PS at home way too regulated. Honestly after a bit I felt more pressure from the online school than just having her in school. We pulled her out last November and have no regrets at all..

 I think the program can be great we just found the ever increasing requirements too much for us.



lovelyalaska's Avatar lovelyalaska 04:52 PM 05-07-2012

okay, thanks for your input! If you don't mind sharing, what are you doing now for her education? Homeschool or do you send her to school now?

Concerned Paren's Avatar Concerned Paren 09:57 PM 05-07-2012

I used K12 and if you want to homeschool the program is fine. If your child is being "listed" and I say listed is that is all the support you will get from anyone at their school who is "taking" the funding for your child. It is basically Federally and State Funded Home School, so be aware that you are on your own!!!

octobermom's Avatar octobermom 08:20 AM 05-08-2012


Originally Posted by lovelyalaska View Post

okay, thanks for your input! If you don't mind sharing, what are you doing now for her education? Homeschool or do you send her to school now?

  We are homeschooling on our own now. Its a better fit for our family.



kcampbell11's Avatar kcampbell11 09:36 AM 09-02-2012

Our experience has been terrific! Yes it is hard and not intuitive at first but it gets better. The benefits grow each day your family participates. I focused on what I feel is the most important in life math, grammar usage and mechanics (GUM). Anything I felt was overly subjective I encourage them to do the work expected and we search out contrasting information. I let them decide based on facts rather than on propaganda.

Why I chose to leave public school

Three P.M. in the afternoon while at brick and mortar school was so tragic I picked up my kids and they were exhausted and miserable. I couldn't wait to see them and it was heart breaking to find out I didn't know the young people I picked up. My kids were doing very well based on the "test" scores and were very popular but they were unhappy. No let me rephrase they were miserable. It took most of the evening to coax them back to who they were only to have the whole process return at three the next afternoon. After leaving my daughter blossomed overnight! She could see the immediate reward of moving ahead. No one stopped her no one made fun of her. She has time and energy for her hobbies and she is happy!

My son is twelve he missed school at first but he loves to work with his dad. Speaking of dad he never got to see the kids happy. He only saw them after school in their sad and miserable state. He knows his children now! He calls them on his breaks they share what they are doing and have tons to show him when he gets home.

My daughter swears she will not have children if she has to put them in brick and mortar schools. I didn't find out about all of what went on at the school until much later. I can't ever begin to tell you the warfare the girls suffer and my daughter was popular. What about the children who don't have the advantages she had?

My son had some unusually bad treatment even though he has amazing test scores and got all of his homework in. They could not complain about his performance but wow his teacher treated him badly and belittled him every chance she got. It took monumental effort for us to get through his third grade year.


You get to raise and see your kids don't let anyone question the decision you made. You get to teach them to be happy and how to be successful. Brick and mortar schools is about keeping teachers and their unions in steady income. Internet education teaches kids about real life.


lovelyalaska's Avatar lovelyalaska 04:49 PM 09-14-2012

Thanks so much for your input. I appreciate being able to see other points of view on this subject. We have been doing the K12 online school since August and so far everything is going well. It is a LOT of work, but my daughter is learning and comprehending so much more than she ever did in the brick and mortar school. And best of all, she actually has fun and enjoys learning now!!

purljam70's Avatar purljam70 08:23 AM 09-15-2012

We just left a virtual pubic school (through k12). We pulled our son out of brick and mortar public school at the end of 2nd grade and enrolled him in a public k12 school for 3rd grade. The first year went well and provided a nice transition to home. By the start of this year though (4th) the push to keep up with the state pacing and to double up on lessons when behind became contradictory to the academic reasons we pulled him from school in the first place. That and the amount of standardized and progress testing they wanted to implement made it increasingly difficult to teach him how we wanted. I did like the curriculum though and since we get to keep the consumables we are working through the k12 books this year, but have left the school.

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