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Are these worth the money? DD is 16 months and I would like to start a language sooner than later.



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I tried them when dd1 was little.  The video is poor, the characters are hard to understand, and the plot is not fitting for small children.  Even if it were, there isn't enough in the picture to correlate to the words.


AND...I didn't get my promised return.


I've never tried these (other than youtube) but am tempted to order dinolingo.  Just from the youtube spot, my youngest was naming animals in the new language.  My older ones for sure picked up stuff quickly.  On that, though, we are learning a ton from youtube videos.  There's tons of free stuff out there, and the kids are learning it quite well this way. 

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I have a friend who loved Muzzy for her child starting around that age.  She did German.  I think any exposure to another language is great for babies neuron development that will enable them to learn languages in the future.  I bet just watching or listening to shows/movies/book on CD in another language would be great for them.  


Are you planning on teaching a language you already know?  If so, just speaking to babe and pointing to things will go a long way.

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We got the Russian Muzzy from the library, and I thought it was terrible.  My 4 year old was bored with the video, and the whole idea seems bizarre.  I like the CD series: Baby's First Steps in (Language) ... I have these for Spanish, French and Mandarin.  I don't know if the kids really pick up a lot just from listening to them, but they're easy on the ears, so you can have it playing in the car when you're driving around.

I think kids learn a lot more from interacting with someone in a foreign language...if you don't speak the language yourself, you could still learn some basic vocabulary and try to teach it yourself.  Which language are you thinking you'd like to expose your LO to?

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No, for reasons previously stated.

My dd always liked Suzy Dorn. We have Cantemos en Espanol and Sal y Pimienta.

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We own Muzzy in French on DVD.  Sounds like it was recorded from a worn out VHS tape.  :/  And my kids were totally not into it... at all.  Oddly, they were into the "Bonjour, Les Amis" series of DVDs (3 in the set).  I liked it because there were text subtitles (also in French) which exposed my early reader to the written language in addition to the audio.

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