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crystalball00's Avatar crystalball00 08:15 AM 06-15-2012
We are planning to homeschool DD next fall for grade 1. I just stumbled upon the Global village school. Does anyone have any experience with the school or curriculum? Also on another thread it was commented that perhaps Oak Meadow curriculum is used for some of the Global Village? Had decided on Oak Meadow but now am intrigued.....

onyxravnos's Avatar onyxravnos 01:15 PM 06-15-2012

so I've not used it but I've gone back and looked at it and read reviews a lot because it sounds sooooo nice. In the end though it seems to be mostly a list of books to use... and that's just not enough for me. Even Earthschooling's curriculum which I think is rather like GVS is just not structured enough for me to be able to use. 

Oak meadow I really like and are using it for our core for the 3rd year in a row. 

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