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idaismyname's Avatar idaismyname 10:21 AM 04-18-2004
Has anyone ever heard of this magazine. World Kid Magazine.
I just picked one up at the library. It seems wonderful. Pretty close to a National Geographic for preteens to adult. On the front it even says Smart is Cool. Very educational - not dumbed down.
It's expensive but I found some discount sites on the web for about half the price.
Just wondering if anyone else has checked these out.

SagMom's Avatar SagMom 10:43 AM 04-18-2004
We used to subscribe to this--my kids love it. I'm pretty sure it used to be called, "National Geographic Kids" but then had a name change.
rsps's Avatar rsps 09:47 PM 04-18-2004
I don't think this one is put out by National Geographic, but it does look good.