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jr'smom's Avatar jr'smom 08:09 AM 01-23-2013

Can anyone recommend REALY good homeschool conventions?  We like to travel, so they can be anywhere.


DH and I are looking at one in Cincinnati OH on April 5th.  Details are at  They do this one in South Caroline too.  Has anyone ever been? 

There is no schedule of workshops yet, so it's hard to tell if we will like it.  Dh particually likes that Ron Paul will be speaking there.


I've been to several around Chicago.  There is one held at a big church in Naperville, IL that is "okay" in my opinion.  The focus seems to be more on religion than homeschooling in my opinion. We do use Sonlight curriculum which has a lot of religion in it, but I still don't prefer mostly religious conventions.


I really like the "In-Home Conference" that has been hosted in Saint Charles, IL in March.  While it wasn't the biggest conference I've been to, the workshops for the kids were awesome!  And I liked that there were a lot of presentations on unschooling too.  Religion was not the focus at all.  The only place it was lacking was that it had a very small expo. Unfortunately this conference isn't being held this year.


Can anyone give me fedback on that conference in OH, or recommend another good one?  Thanks!

rumi's Avatar rumi 08:18 PM 01-23-2013

I've been to a couple of these and they were pretty good but I get the feeling that they are more fun when you know the people so if you go to one year after year then you and your kids will have friends that you & they look forward to meeting.


There are some funny chapters in The Year of Learning Dangerously about the author's experience attending a few hs conferences.  She goes alone - which is unusual, since most people come as a family.  

kittywitty's Avatar kittywitty 02:43 PM 03-28-2013
I went to the Cincy one last year and I'm going this year again. I like holding the books in my hand to look through. Also, there are some great speakers-even for secular homeschoolers.
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