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UlrikeDG's Avatar UlrikeDG 01:58 PM 02-08-2013

My 12 year old has expressed an interest. She's already been through the Getty-Dubay Italic series. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good book or program?

IncompetentHousewife's Avatar IncompetentHousewife 06:05 PM 02-08-2013
I taught myself at that age. I looked for the name of the kit and couldn't find it (go figure, it's been 25 years!), but it was just a basic kit with a small instruction booklet that showed how to hold the pen and Mae the basic strokes, then how to form each letter of a certain style with 1-2-3 steps. Once my parents and big sister who got me started saw that I liked it, we found another book to introduce different styles. It looks like the basic $20 kits online are quite similar to what worked for me.
Nan411's Avatar Nan411 02:25 PM 02-10-2013

The other day I was at Costco and saw a pretty cool looking Calligraphy kit that caught my eye. It came with a book, pens, and paper. smile.gif

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