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blessedmum's Avatar blessedmum 10:18 AM 02-19-2013

I am a hs mother of 6 ages 4 months, 5, 7 8, and 10 yrs.  I am trying to simplify every aspect of our daily rhythm as we also operate a CSA and goat milk share program on our farm. 

I have been specifically looking at live ed or bearth to help with lesson planning. We have been using Enki and it was a great fit for my eldest, but It feels forced and a bit of overkill with my next two children(first and second grade).  I think they need a program that does not have so many philosophies mixed together.  Enki math is especially getting to be too confusing.


So, My question is can I use live ed as an outline without getting burnt out? Knowing that I might not cover everything or use it exactly as they planned.  It seems like people either love or hate live ed.  I like that it has some lessons planned but no daily schedule-I feel like if I got behind on a daily schedule it would leave me always playing catch up. 


Or is bearth organized enough to help out?  Has anyone used the upper grades guides from her?  I have only seen reviews of her Kindy programs.  I like what I she has, but I am afraid that it is too scattered to be helpful. I also like that she has Arabic lessons.  Has anyone used the Arabic?  Are the three study units all the Arabic that is included in the Lifetime membership? 

I have looked at Christopherus and it just does not seem to inspire me-maybe I am missing something.  My eldest is very cerebral and my second grader is VERY artistic- so it just seems like live ed would be a better fit in terms of meeting both.

I know that there is not going to be any one magical fit!

  Anyone have any thoughts?


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