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mirandalowes's Avatar mirandalowes 02:24 PM 02-24-2013

Hey everyone,


I am a single parent and have been homeschooling my son who is currently in grade 2. So far I have been able to homeschool because I have either been attending university part-time, or I have done home childcare for other kids.


This September I have the opportunity to go into a program at the university that I really would like to do. Unfortunately it is not offered part-time. The program will require me to be at school/on placement Monday-Friday, 830-430.


I realize I could still do the actual homeschooling in the evenings and on the weekend, but my concern is what to do with him while I am at school. I cannot afford full-time childcare and I don't have family in the city. I don't know if I can take this program without putting my son in school.


As much as I want to keep him out of the school system, I also want to have a career of my own, and I think I am going to have to choose one or the other at this point.


So, basically I have two questions.

One, do you see any way of making this work financially if I have to find childcare for him 5 days a week?

And two, how do I prepare a child who has been homeschooled to enter the public school system in grade 3?


Thanks. :)

Treece's Avatar Treece 04:53 PM 03-06-2013

If you are wanting to continue homeschooling, you could find a local homeschooler to watch him during the day.


If you are wanting to enroll him in PS, you may be able to mid-year if you want that.


You may qualify for assistance for childcare.

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