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orthodoxmom's Avatar orthodoxmom 12:52 PM 03-27-2013

I am trying to learn about the Charlotte Mason method but have had little time to read about it yet.  What I'm mostly desiring at this point is a good book list that may be a long the Charlotte Mason ideas for reading to children.  Maybe there really isn't a book list per se,....  but maybe there is one that a lot of Charlotte Mason fans prefer?  I just want to have a list for when we go to the library or when I go to book sales to try and find some really good quality books that maybe I wouldn't think of myself.  Anyone??

greenemami's Avatar greenemami 09:51 PM 03-27-2013

I don't follow charlotte mason in particular, but I do like some of the principles and this is a great site I found in some of my research with booklists-not sure there is one for toddlers specifically, but there is a "year 0" one and lots for older kids.


and here is one for toddlers!


good luck!

SundayCrepes's Avatar SundayCrepes 05:15 AM 03-30-2013

I utilize the booklists at It is a HIGHLY Christian site, though a huge number of their books are secular. And such great books they are. You can go onto ebay and type in sonlight and people advertise their books because a sonlight recommendation is a good sign. 


I usually go to amazon and read about the books before I buy them to weed out the religious stuff that doesn't work for our family. I'm not against my kids learning about religions, I just find the ones they use are too much for us.

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