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My boys do about 22-25 hrs per week. I know some kids who only do 20 hrs and some who do 30 hrs. So just wondering what others do.
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Per day it is 2-3 hours.

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Did you mean for this to be in Learning at Home? Would you like me to move it to Learning at School?

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I have two in school. They spend 5.5 hours in class, five days a week, so that's 27.5 hours a week. They do an average of 3-5 additional hours of work at home. Thirty-ish hours?


I have one who is homeschooled. She spends about 2-3 hours a day doing academic things, and a fair bit of her remaining time is highly educational, but not in a structured academic way (reading for pleasure, practicing violin, watching videos in an interest-led way, surfing the internet, chatting, being involved in outdoor activities or sports). School stuff 10-15 hours a week, I guess.



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Originally Posted by lauren View Post

Did you mean for this to be in Learning at Home? Would you like me to move it to Learning at School?


I'd assume so since 22-25 hours a week would mean 44.4- 5 a day and most schools at least around here would be in secession closer to 35 week.

 I have a 5th grader so not quite a middle schooler we spend about 2.5-3 hours a day doing more formal one on one sit down type learning then she completes around another 1.5 hours of enrichment and independent studies.

Fridays tend to be lighter days for us though so maybe an 1-1.5 hours tops on that day. So weekly total I'd estimate about 18-20hours



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I can't recall when middle school starts - I'd never heard of that when I was going to school (I'm in Canada) and although some communities use the term I don't know what grade it starts at. 


My daughter would be in grade 6 this year, I think? (age 11). 


We haven't gotten into our full schedule yet, but the plan is to do about 20 minutes of math, twice a week. We do about 2 hours of project time per week. As you can see, we don't do much in the way of formal schoolwork. They both have activities and programs outside of home related mostly to social skills stuff (they are both on the spectrum) that add up to about 8 hrs for each of them. They also do a lot of creative stuff on their own time. 


As part of our funded homeschooling program we have to track hours each week and each child must have 25 hrs. Between the scheduled stuff and their own free time projects I easily get the 25 hrs for both of them.

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It reallyd epends on DS and what he feels like doing.  Some weeks he is 'school' all day long and other weeks he isn't.  I would say he averages 5-6 hrs a day, no homework.  Much of that time is free reading and exploration.

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My middle schooler usually does at least 6-7 hours a day. Sometimes we go heavier, like now. We have a trip coming up so we're working harder on both the stuff we need to know (French) and working ahead in some units so we have less makeup work later.


Per week, he averages 6-7 hours French, 6 hours lit, 4 hours history, 4 hours science, 6 hours math, 2 hours art, 5 hours language arts.


In his downtime, he reads lit of his own choosing, works on sketching or researching subjects he's interested outside school, and we try to get outside as close as possible to daily for some fresh air and exercise.


It's pretty intensive, and I've been having some trouble because dd (4th grade) seems to have to do everything aloud, and she's a huge distraction for him. We don't currently have a lot of workspace, so it can be a challenge to get through the day without a stress headache.

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Middle school here is something like ages 9-13 I think and I am not sure if that's what you mean? 


I have a 10 year old and in terms of sit down learning, it varies a lot, but right now, after a summer that we've all decided to see as a bit of a write off, and in the middle of a load of exams for me, the most he does most days is trumpet practice, theoretically half an hour but in practice...(it can be more if he gets into it...but right now that's not really happening). 


OTOH he reads a lot, spends time on khan academy. is outdoors a lot. Lots of playing, imaginative play, with friends, and Lego is especially big here. He's not stuck in front of a screen the rest of the time but doing stuff that interests him. For him at this age I am more than happy for him to have this freedom. And he does other stuff, mostly around brass bands and orchestras, totaling up to 6 hours a week (not sure yet what he'll choose to do this term exactly). 

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My 10th grader is probably doing about 30 hours/week, but is currently in 2 dual enrollment classes at the U, and 3 online classes, plus other stuff she wanted to learn this year.  Next semester will be much lighter and probably 20 hours/week. 

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My 6th grader does 3-5 hours a day, including reading, waiting for his slow mama to be done with entertaining the other kids, and dealing with a fine motor delay. My 7th grader does more. She is really self-motivated and often spends a couple of hours on Coursera, reading archaeology/history texts, listening to audiobooks, reading, and teaching herself Ancient Greek. She's the fastest and most efficient at work, though, so most of her time is reading and waiting. Usually they both are required to do math (30-60 minutes), writing with me (Classical Writing or Bravewriter for 20-60 minutes), spelling (20 minutes tops), Latin (20-40 minutes), and the rest we fit in where we have time-computer/programming, Grammar Voyage, Mapping, chemistry, American history, etc. are all on the plate right now.

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