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mama2mygirl's Avatar mama2mygirl 10:43 PM 01-19-2014

It looks like we'll be moving this summer. We live in the Bay Area and have a really active homeschooling community.  Anyone know of any groups in Santa Barbara County?

tracyamber's Avatar tracyamber 10:20 AM 03-02-2014
No one home schooling in Santa Barbara?
Have you tried posting in you area? Here.
Lillian J's Avatar Lillian J 12:53 PM 03-23-2014

You can also get in touch with local groups there through the HomeSchool Assn. of California. Look at the menu under Community and you'll find a list for County Contacts. They also have a FaceBook group and a Email group, both listed on their website.  :)   Lillian


mamaupupup's Avatar mamaupupup 12:26 AM 04-07-2014
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