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Originally Posted by Tricia Valek View Post

 OMG they really made me feel like I an ass. Like I should be some sort of expert. Should I steer clear of them in the future? 

Could someone just tell me I am not a huge screw up gloomy.gif 

Yes, you are not a huge screwup.  And I would steer clear of anyone who plants the seeds of so much doubt when your heart speaks otherwise.

"Let me see you stripped down to the bone. Let me hear you speaking just for me."
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Originally Posted by Tricia Valek View Post

Can I get some feedback? I attended Jaden's IEP meeting yesterday. Here is my situation. Jaden has sensory issues, he's never been diagnosed as actually having a classifiable disorder. He has been receiving special services PT OT and speech (which he resumed about 10 days ago) he used to have an aide, but was in a normal classroom setting. For the beginning of this school year he did well. They are in the first year of implementing core curriculum at our elementary school and are progressively integrating 1st grade work into the curriculum.He can do it, but for all of them it is a challenge. Add to this that his social skills are delayed/strained and I think that specifically his emotional reactions to people as he is integrating and developing relationships at school are causing him the most anxiety. So anyway we had Christmas break and he fell apart. He started refusing to go to school over several weeks.We decided to home school because his anxiety AT HOME was getting so uncomfortable. He is only 6 and I feel like he is still young and deserves to be heard when he says he feels threatened. OMG they really made me feel like I an ass. Like I should be some sort of expert. Should I steer clear of them in the future? He seems happy, and I am committed to keeping things grounded and fun at "mommy's school". We are just getting started, and here I am being bombarded with how wonderfully everything was going at school. Financially I don't know if we can home school indefinitely. I feel like I am alone on the moon.

Could someone just tell me I am not a huge screw up gloomy.gif 

I second that, @SweetSilver! You are not a huge screw up, Tricia. My DS's school pulled the same BS on me...they made me feel like a total ass for thinking he wasn't doing well with the school environment. The principal was sooo nicey-nice, just nauseatingly sweet, assuring me everything is wonderful at school...and oh no, the special ed teacher never takes away his recess time! Then DS came home that same day, and said the special ed teacher took away 5  min of recess for...ahem...fidgeting with a block. Under the table. splat.gif My mom worked for the same school some years back, and says they actually take classes on how to do this to parents. I believe it, because no way could anyone be that passive-aggressive and disarm you by blowing smoke up your ass without some kind of training. 

And Core Curriculum? Let me sum up: FIREdevil.gif  "Let's put the whole 180 degree spectrum of learning abilities into a 90 degree shoebox, and call it good! So the bright ones will be squelched, big deal...but the ones whose test scores aren't good enough for us to get our funding? We'll say they must have ADHD! Put them on drugs, in special ed, so that their scores don't count! Then we'll push kids to do more than they're ready for, all in the name of furthering their education."


Bottom line: You ARE the expert on your child, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise. YOU are his first and most effective teacher.  Your son doesn't need a formal diagnosis for him to have issues - and the school doesn't need to see it for them to be real. Mothers' intuition is worth more than the opinions of a hundred specialists or "educators". Steer clear of anyone who makes you feel the way they did; speaking from similar experience, those people do NOT have your child's best interests at heart.


Personally, I switched all my kids to a different school, where we are just outside the attendance area, but it will be a fresh start and I don't have to deal with those same jerks. DS1 will be on the wait list for next year, and if he doesn't get in, oh well. Hoping his self-esteem will be up, and his vision problems will be addressed by then, and he'll do better in the classroom. If not, no big deal - I'll homeschool!

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You certainly ARE an expert on your own child! After all, you've taught him for 6 years already. smile.gif
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How are things going now?


My experience with starting homeschooling is that it was no extra work, compared with "dealing with school when it doesn't meet the child's needs." In fact, it was easier.

Ruth, single mommy to Leah, 20, Hannah, 19, and Jack, 13(homeschooled)
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