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So I don't really have a specific question right now, but we have reached the end of our search for a school for our current Kindergartener & found nothing (well one school that we can just barely afford that is already full. She is on the waiting list, but no guarantees, and it's a long drive everyday, so I don't know that it would work for us anyway). I *think* I would prefer we try the ps then hs if it doesn't work out, but DH is adament she not attend the ps. We do have a cool unschooling based center we can make use of, but it, too, is a long drive, so we will only be able to go there 2 days a week, and with the drive, I will have to just stay there with her anyway. I am not really worried about the academic side - she's a bright kid, but as an introvert I am concerned about never having any sort of break. Right now I at least get a bit of a break when the toddler happens to nap while she's at school (only occasionally, but better then never!), although I guess I can't really assume the toddler will still be napping in a year anyway, lol.

Anyway, like I said, no specific questions, but any general sort of advise or encouragement (especially the latter!) would be appreciated
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Two days a week sounds about right for kindergarten-level homeschooling, and you might find that you get by with even less.  


As for getting some decompression time for yourself, I would look for it in your partner, or a close friend, or a babysitter if you can afford that, rather than in more activities.  Then you can leave the toddler as well and get a true break.  I never was able to make nap time feel like a real break.

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I agree with SweetSilver.  Two days is plenty, although you would probably be surprised about how much learning happens at home.  I imagine that you want to use the unschooling center as a place for her to interact with others, since you mentioned that as a concern.  Also, babysitters are much cheaper than private schools.  Therefore, instead of budgeting for the expensive school, use a portion of that and dedicate it to "mom's break time"--it would include the sitter and some money for a coffee, lunch, pedicure, or whatever suits you.  Hopefully you will meet some people that you both like at the unschooling center and you can have playdates or coffee dates.  


Good luck, homeschooling can truly be wonderful!  Not "every" day is wonderful, but the experience is.  :-)



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Consider finding a mother's helper also to help with the little ones so you can get uninterrupted homeschool time. My dh works off so during his week home I take some time away from the house alone to get my break. It can be done. Just remember to relax and have fun with it. Especially for K it shouldn't be too complicated so it won't overwhelm you or your children.

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